Monday, December 22, 2008

Book Review - Curious George Tadpole Trouble by Margaret Rey

Title: Curious George Tadpole Trouble
Author: Margaret Rey
Genre: Children’s
Challenges: 101 Books in 1001 Days, PB&J Challenge, What An Animal Challenge

Rating: 4/5
No. of Pages: 24
Published: 2007

Inside Cover:
Curious George's friend Bill has put him in charge of several tadpoles. George sends the tadpoles for a nice swim in the lagoon, but to his dismay, the tadpoles don't return! Each time he goes back to the lake he tries to find the tadpoles, but he finds only tadpole-like creatures without tails...and with legs. A trip to the museum teaches George about the development of tadpoles into frogs, and he and Bill are happy to make the acquaintance of their new froggy friends!
What a great way to teach about the cycle of life. It doesn’t hurt that is has my favorite animal in it frogs.

This allowed me to finish the What An Animal challenge

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  1. I've always been a fan of Curious George. :)


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