Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Review: Freestyle with Avery by Annie Bryant

Title: Freestyle with Avery (Beacon Street Girls)
Author: Annie Bryant
Genre: Young Adult
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Rating: 4/5
No. of Pages: Audio (240)
Published: 2009

Back Cover:
Hey, sports fans!

Avery here, comin’ at you live form Colorado, home of my dad – and the first ever Telluride Snurfer Snowboarding Competition! With mascot dog Marty at my side, I’m totally psyched to compete. But this trip is getting CRAAZY. At in Crazie Kazie, the all-star boarder who wants to wind as much as I do. The only thing crazier is her cat, Farkle….aka Franken-Cat!

I just might score some coaching tips from a certain celeb. And shout-out to my new friend, Jason – he loves animals, like me. You won’t believe the creature he’s keeping in his shed…it’s almost ready to be released into the wild.

Shred on , Avery

Mine: What a wonderful series for young girls. My only question is how can the parents be so clueless as to your daughters feelings (it’s usually the dad that doesn’t get it). Avery’s dad is now got a girlfriend and with that comes her daughter Kazie that is the enemy. Kazie seems to have taken Avery’s job at the ski shop and is her competition in the Snurfer Snowboarding Competition
Avery also makes friends with Jason the new kid in town that everyone else wants to know about also. Jason is a quiet kid with lots of with lots to hide the most interesting thing is the hawk he is caring for.

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