Friday, May 20, 2011

Book Review - Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt

Title: Making Toast
Author: Roger Rosenblatt
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc
Release Date: 2010
Pages: Audio (176)
Genre: Biography & Memoir
Format: Audio read by Roger Rosenblatt
Source: Library

Back Cover:
When his daughter, Amy – a gifted doctor, mother, and wife – collapsed and died form an asymptomatic heart condition, Roger Rosenblatt and his wife, Ginny, left their home on the South Shore of Long Island to move in with their son-in-law, Harris, ahd their three young grandchildren. With the wit, heart, precsion, and depth of understanding that has characterized his work, Roger Rosenblatt peels back the layers on this most personal of losses to create both a tribute to his late daughter and testament to familial love. “The day Amy died, Harris told Ginny and Roger, “It’s impossible.” Rosenblatt’s story tells how a family make the possible out of the impossible.

I’m so glad I didn’t read this story any sooner (since my dad died in Feb 2010) I’m not sure that I could have taken it. It’s amazing what can happen when a parent dies for the kids or a child dies before their parents. This is a story about both. Amazingly Roger and Ginny Rosenblatt live close enough to help their son-in-law Harris and their 3 grandchildren after the sudden death of their daughter, wife, mother.

It’s amazing what love can do to help you overcome anything. Grandparents become surrogate parents, aunts and uncles become new friends to help the children adapt. The most lucky thing is the children are young so that it might be easier to adjust.

Family seems to be the story of the day as they all deal with Amy’s death differently. Mom Ginny tries to help out and take her place whenever possible. Dad Roger struggles to find his place in the process. Husband Harris struggles in his own way. In the end they all do come through, but with many trials and tribulations along the way.

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