Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Review: My Glasses by Jessica Arnold

Title: My Glasses
Author: Jessica Arnold
Publisher: Marquette Press
Release Date: June 15, 2012
Pages: 25
Genre: Children’s
Format: ebook
Source: Kindle

Kindle: Samantha returns to school as a sixth grader and discovers that there is something unusual going on with her vision. Sentences look blurry causing her to have trouble reading. Her mother makes her an appointment with the eye doctor and she soon learns about what it's like to have glasses for the first time.

This is the fifth book written by 13-year-old Jessica Arnold, who became an author at seven years old with her positive story, "I am good at Lots of Things." Later, she followed up with "Nobody Can Take My Happy Away." Jessica's lively illustrations and vivid imagination make the "My Glasses" come to life.

Mine: Wow can I relate to this book. I had to get glasses in 6th grade also (like you aren’t awkward enough at that age).

Four eyes wasn’t the worst I got – chicken pox the same year so I was called raspberry fact too.

I like that it’s written by a “child”. I like that there is a “bully”, but Samantha does find another friend that is probably better than the one that teased her.

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