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Spotlight : Hard Wear by Marilyn Lakewood

Title: Hard Wear
Author Name: Marilyn

Author Bio:

Marilyn lives in the northwest U.S.,
not too far from the Canadian border, and believes the long, cold
winters are perfect “writing weather.”
She started writing romantic,
sex-driven stories “just for fun” seven years ago. Today, she’ll
joyously admit she’s obsessed with creating hard-core dominant
heroes and happily-ever-after endings.

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Book Genre: Romance/Hot Alpha
Publisher: Troll River Publications
Release Date: February 14, 2015

Book Description:

Book One of the Hot Alpha Billionaire
alone. Not a cliff-hanger. HEA. M/F, Mild D/s themes.
How does a sophisticated man with everything, convince an unassuming
older woman with nothing, that she’s what he desperately needs?
At 36, Chase Tanner controlled his world and the women in his bed.
With a grown son and several successful businesses, he thought he had
everything a man could desire… until he walked down the aisle of a
country hardware store and saw exactly what he needed for a
happily-ever-after. Now, he just had to make her believe it.
You’re just not good enough, Kali.”
Her ex-husband’s hurtful words echoed in Kali Benson’s heart as
she rebuilt her life in tiny Laketon, Washington. It took some time,
but at 39, she’s happy, self-sufficient, and emotionally armored.
She’s strong enough to resist a sweet-talking hunk, who drives an
old Dodge truck and makes her feel nineteen again... isn't she?


Chase took the
shortest route to the auto accessories area and cut through the
carpentry section. He turned down the aisle and his steps slowed.
Fuses, old trucks, everything, dropped off the radar as his gaze
focused on the woman perusing the locks-and-hinge display.
Sweet. There was
something incredibly sweet and alluring about her. More than pretty,
she was arresting. His heart did a drum roll against his ribs, and he
drew in a deep, stabilizing breath.
Easing to a stop a
few steps away, he positioned himself near the opposite side of the
aisle as if he were interested in something other than her. Not the
most inspired tactic, but he needed a moment to process her intense
effect on him.
In profile, she
had a straight, refined nose, full lips, and a balanced chin. Thick,
golden-brown hair shimmered in glossy layers past her shoulders,
styled with a fringe of bangs across her dark, tawny brows.
When she pulled an
item from the display, he noticed she kept her nails a short,
practical length, and she wore no wedding ring.
His eyes drifted
down her slender length, admiring her lush, handful-size breasts and
the pert nipples that dimpled against her knit top. She had a slim
waist, gently rounded hips, and a great curvy ass, temptingly
displayed in a pair of distinctive cutoffs. They were distinctive to
him, at least. Although she’d removed the label, he recognized Soft
Wear jeans and understood what the brand signified.
This little beauty
might not want anyone in Laketon to know, but if she bought those
jeans, she harbored at least some sexually submissive desires.
In a sudden, vivid
image, he pictured her in his bed, her body pinned beneath him, his
hands holding hers against the mattress. He imagined her thighs
around his hips. The first intimate touch of his cock to her sex. Her
mouth parted, gasping when he shifted deeper.
The fantasy jolted
He flinched and
she turned her head.
Large, topaz eyes
danced over him, and she smiled distractedly, the merest civility
necessary, before returning her attention back to the shelves. He’d
been dismissed. There was nothing haughty or superior about it, but
apparently she’d found him unsuitable.
A grin tugged on
his mouth. He enjoyed a challenge.

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