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Release Blitz/#Giveaway : DON'T TEMPT ME by Lori Foster

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Lori Foster’s fantastic contemporary romance, DON’T TEMPT ME, is here! A story of how love comes along when you least expect it, be sure you order this amazing novel today!



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Don’t Tempt Me is a sweet, fast read about finding family, love, and more! You can’t go wrong with this book! It’s a must read!”—Night Owl Reviews

“Best friends find hunky men and everlasting love in Foster’s latest charmer.”—Publishers Weekly




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Love comes along when it’s least wanted

Jason Guthrie has no time for entanglements—between helping out his widowed brother and teenage nephew and getting his hometown back on its feet, his days are spoken for. But his nights are another story… And when his lovely new neighbor, Honor Brown, reluctantly accepts his help in remodeling her house, Jason finds himself wishing his handyman skills could knock down the defenses she keeps building around herself.

Martial arts teacher Sullivan Dean knows real danger when he sees it—even when it takes the form of the gorgeous blonde helping her friend move in across the street. After putting his wayward past behind him to focus on teaching control to troubled kids, Sullivan has learned to avoid party girls like Lexie Perkins. But Sullivan can’t seem to keep his hands off the real woman behind that flirty charm—or keep his heart from landing at her feet…

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“It’s lust at first sight and a double romance in this new novel of neighbors helping neighbors by the prolific Foster”—Kirkus



Lori Foster - Author photoAbout Lori Foster:

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN. Visit her online at LoriFoster.com.


What a way to make a first impression. Casting a glare at her friend, Honor said, “Shush it. And for heaven’s sake, stop staring!”
“Too late.” Lexie quickly fluffed her short pale blond hair and adjusted the V-neck of her shirt, tugging it a tad lower. “They’re coming this way.”
“Oh God.” After a deep breath, Honor put the truck in park, turned it off, and—okay, she needed one more breath. “Roll up your window. Pretend you don’t see them. Maybe if we rush into the house real fast, they’ll leave us alo—“
Cringing, Honor glanced toward Lexie—and found all three men peering into the truck at them. They were each so tall they had to duck down to see in. One guy wore a T-shirt, one a polo, and the other wore no shirt at all.
Combined they gave the impression of masculine curiosity, dark hair and beard shadow. Two of them grinned, and those grins had definite impact.
But the intense expression on the shirtless one about stole Honor’s breath.
She blinked and stared, blinked and stared. Repeat.
The youngest of the three, the one in a T-shirt, laughed. “Busted. No sneaking off now.”
“Colt,” the unsmiling man said in a low, deep voice that teased over her nerve endings and made her heart race. “Pick up the can and spilled garbage, will you?”
Colt grinned. “Yes, sir.” And off he went—with Lexie craning her neck to track him.
The smiling guy propped a shoulder against the side of the window frame and crossed his arms over his chest. With a warning in his tone, said, “He’s seventeen.”
“Who?” Lexie asked.
“My son.” He nodded toward Colt. “Just so you know.”
Jaw dropping, Lexie took another look. “No way. Does Clearbrook have testosterone in the water or something? He looks at least twenty-one.”
Shrugging a thick shoulder, the guy said, “True enough.” Heat shot into Honor’s cheeks. This situation just kept getting worse and worse. Not only had she taken out their can and been overheard conspiring to avoid them, but now Lexie gawked at an underage kid, never mind that the “kid” did look a whole lot older.
“As his dad,” the man continued, “it keeps me on my toes.”
“You sure you’re his dad?” Lexie looked back and forth between both men. “Because he looks more like—“
“My brother,” he interrupted. “I know. Jason got Dad’s eyes, and so did Colt.”
Brothers? Honor took another look—and caught Shirtless looking back. She swallowed.
“Bet your dad’s a stud, too, huh?”
After winking at Honor, Colt’s father met Lexie’s gaze. “We all inherited his features.”
True, Honor thought. Though the one talking appeared just under six feet, and Cold had to be at least six-three, they shared similar features and overall coloring. Only the eye color was different, with the father’s eyes pale blue instead of the rich dark brown of his son and brother. The shape was the same though, and they each had ridiculously long, dreamy black lashes.
Without really thinking about it, Honor said, “You don’t look old enough to be his dad.”
He shrugged. “I was just out of high school. Call it a youthful indiscretion that I’ve never regretted.”
Honor smiled, enjoying his pride in Colt—until she realized that his brother’s eyes had narrowed, not with menace, but with new awareness as he stared at her mouth.
She couldn’t recall the last time a man had looked at her like that. Might’ve been, oh…never.





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  1. I would love to renovate my house. It's an older home so there's no master bath and that is something I'd love to have in the house.

  2. I would love to renovate my house. It's an older home so there's no master bath and that is something I'd love to have in the house.

  3. I would love to renovate a house. I would look forward to the kitchen

  4. I would love to renovate an old home and I would most look forward to renovating the master bathroom.

  5. I have renovated our kitchen and would do it again!

  6. I would probably create an office/library for myself. Have the the computer and work space hidden away within the full wall book shelves. The room would have dark stained hard wood floors with in-floor-heating and also be covered with soft rugs. There would be a corner with tons of pillows then a comfy couch and chairs to sit in. Large windows for natural light facing the mountains. And a small deck with a hammock to read in the warm months. This of course is a fantasy, but perfection in my eyes.
    Just got Don't Tempt Me delivered to me this morning. Can't wait to start reading it.

  7. I would renovate my bedroom to include a nook where I can read!

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    If I had to decide, it'd likely be living room or a bedroom.

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  15. I'd love to renovate a house. Especially the Master bedroom.

  16. I'd love to renovate my bedroom, it's by far the worst room in my house

  17. I'd love to renovate my bedroom, it's by far the worst room in my house


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