Thursday, June 28, 2018

Release Blitz Faded Gray Lines by Cora Kenborn

Title: Faded Gray Lines

Series: Carrera Cartel #2
Author: Cora Kenborn
Genre: Mafia Romance
Release Date: June 28, 2018


Love is the deadliest


I’m jaded. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow.
My first taste of love was my first betrayal.
Now, all I want is to start over, but they want my life.
Everyone says all’s fair in love and war.
Except I’m done playing fair.
I’m tired of turning my back on his darkness when it’s the
light that always burns me.
I’ve danced with the devil. Now it’s time to become one.


I’m a criminal. Let’s not sugarcoat the truth.
Her morals never had a chance in my corrupt world.
Now, all I want is to forget her, but they want her soul.
Loyalty is its own reward where I come from.
Except she’s become the prize.
They’ve taken my shining star and dimmed her light.

Some say I’m a monster. They haven’t seen anything yet.

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Author Bio

Kenborn writes twisted romance novels about bad boys and damsels NOT in
distress while shocking readers with unpredictable plot twists.

A true
Southern girl from Eastern North Carolina, Cora grew up on sweet tea and front
porches, and knows the real meaning of “bless your heart.” She’s the mother of
three hyperactive and occasionally adorable children and the wife to a husband
who she’s conned into believing Hot Pockets are a perfectly acceptable family

Cora can
usually be found taking notes during true crime shows, effectively freaking out
everyone in the room. She proudly admits to being a domestic rebel and plans to
pen future self-help books including: “Microwave Dinners For Dummies,”
“Allergic To Laundry and Other Common Household Dangers,” and “When Hot Glue
Guns Attack: A Mother’s Nightmare.”

Oh, and she
and autocorrect are mortal enemies.

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