Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Release Blitz : Lucky Scars by Kerry Heavens

Title: Lucky Scars
Author: Kerry Heavens
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 3, 2018


Not every love
story begins with a fiery explosion of lust.

Some are tiny
embers of hope that smoulder slowly until the stars align…

I’d been living in a bubble.

It was meant to protect me from the things in life that hurt.

I could live, I could laugh, but at least I didn’t have to love.
Loving was dangerous and I would never do it again.

It was working just fine, until the bubble burst.
It let in danger.
It let in light.
It let in…him.

Unknowingly I’d been living in the dark, feeling my way.
He filled my world with starlight.
He showed me how to move on to the next level.
He made me feel again.

I thought the wounds from the past would never fully heal,
But perhaps they only heal when the time is right.

Sometimes you just have to thank your lucky scars.

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trembling fingers, I tapped at my phone screen, sobbing because I connected the
call and then cut it off in my haste. I couldn’t handle technology; I just
needed him. I was about to throw in the towel and just sit on the curb and cry
when it rang. His stupid face appeared on the screen, and my heart leapt. He
knew. He knew I needed him.
Choking at
the urgency to hear his voice, I tried again to get my fingers to cooperate,
and, finally, they did.
There was pleading in my tone. “Ziggy?
There was a
short stretch of silence, and I thought maybe I’d fucked up the call again when
suddenly he spoke. “Bea? What’s wrong?”
“Zig—” A
sob cut me off.
“Bea, where
are you? What’s going on?”
“I need
you,” I whispered.
“Tell me
where?” he said with a steady determination that filled me with exactly the
comfort I needed right then. He was coming. It was going to be ok. I looked up
helplessly at my surroundings for a road name I could tell him.
“Um,” I
faltered. “I don’t know, I—” Fresh tears ran down my face, and I wiped at them
with the back of my hand, only then noticing the blood. “Oh God,” I gasped.
please. You’re scaring me. Are you hurt?”
“No,” I
assured him quickly. “I just…” I didn’t even know where to start.
“I need to
know where you are. Calm down. I’m here. Take a deep breath and try to tell me
where I need to go to find you. I’m coming. Okay? Now just tell me where.”
I turned in
place, looking for something I knew. I walked these streets every day, and
they’d never felt so alien to me. He was the only thing that felt safe right
then, but guilt swept over me, and I tried to pull myself together. I must have
been freaking him out, and that wasn’t fair. Nothing around me seemed familiar,
even though I knew it was; I was so disorientated. I needed to do what he told
me and take a breath.
He was
coming to get me.
It was ok.
Street,” I told him as soon as I laid eyes on the street sign, relieved to be
tuning back in but feeling so stupid that I was so close to home and couldn’t
even focus enough to realise it. “At the Shaftsbury Avenue end, on the corner.”
coming. Please just tell me you’re okay,” he said desperately into the phone.

Author Bio

London born indie author, iPhone addict & general ray of
sunshine! Kerry writes: sometimes sweet, sometimes not, often funny, always
hot, real romance, dirty romcoms and other such smut.

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