Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book Review - The Christmas Hat by A J Wood

Title: The Christmas Hat

Author: A. J. Wood (Illustrated: Maggie Kneen)

Genre: Children’s

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Rating: 4/5

No. of Pages: 32

Published: 2005

From the inside cover: When Rabbit and Badger adopt a lost baby owl, they don’t realize how challenging it will be to look after him – especially when his downy white feathers help him disappear in the snow!

Rabbit creates a Christmas surprise for Little Owl that will make finding him easier. But danger lurks in the woods, and Rabbit and Badger are not the only ones who see Little Owl more clearly in his new red hat….

Mine: Beautifully illustrated book with textured pages. What a wonderful story about how we all need to take care of each other in this world. So that owl could be found in the snow (since he is a snow owl – white). Rabbit makes him a red hat so that he can be spotted when he’s out in the snow.

Unfortunately the Red Fox can see the owl. Everyone is shouting – “take the hat off” when he does the fox walks right by. Owl finds a new wonderful use for his red hat – a nice bed to sleep in.

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