Saturday, August 22, 2009

Book Review: Wild Cherry Makes A Wish by Pippa LeQuesne

Title: Wild Cherry Makes A Wish
Author: Pippa leQuesne
Genre: Young Adult
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Rating: 4/5
No. of Pages: 80
Published: 2006
From the back: Wild Cherry is feeling very sad. She wishes that she could dance but is too shy to ask for help. Then she has a misunderstanding with Pansy, the one fairy that could teach her.
So, when Pansy is in danger and it is up to Wild Cherry to help, will she be brave enough to save her? And will her wish ever be granted?

Mine: Wild Cherry wants to learn to dance like everyone else, but doesn’t know how. She knows there is one fairy that can help, but is too shy to ask for help. Pansy is so exciting about all the new things for the spring that she get caught up and doesn’t notice how fair she has gone into the other side of the fairy garden.

Wild Cherry must come to her rescue and save the day. Wild Cherry drops her petals as a distraction while Pansy runs away from the people come. When Pansy is finally safe she asks what she can do to repay Wild Cherry and the answer is to teach her to dance like the other flower fairies.

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