Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Review: Beany Wakes Up For Christmas by Lisa Bassett

Title: Beany Wakes Up For Christmas

Author: Lisa Bassett (Pictures – Jeni Bassett)

Genre: Children’s

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Rating: 3/5

No. of Pages: 32

Published: 1988

From the back: Scamp Squirrel agreed to wake Beany Bear from his long winter’s nap in time for Christmas. In fact, he planned a surprise. He would decorate a tree and fix a Christmas feast.

Just as Scamp finished the preparations and was headed home to await Christmas morning, Beany cried out, “Scamp, there is a wild beast in my house!” Scamp knew they had to do something about that. Would pretending to be ghosts work? A wild beast surely wouldn’t stay in a haunted house.

It wasn’t an ordinary Christmas at all, but finally the two friends settled down to exchange presents and enjoy the Honey Punch. Merry Christmas, Scamp! Merry Christmas, Beany!

Mine: What a wonderful story of friendship. Scamp wants to make this a very special Christmas for Beany so goes about preparing treats that are Beany’s favorite.

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