Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Review - The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett

Title: The Wild Christmas Reindeer

Author: Jan Brett

Genre: Children’s

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Rating: 4/5

No. of Pages: 32

Published: 1990

From the inside cover: This Year Santa asks Teeka to get his reindeer ready to fly on Christmas Eve. She’s happy but a little worried too. She’s never workd with the reindeer before and she’s not sure they’ll want to come in from the tundra, where they run wild and free.

Once she finds them, Teeka’s strong hand does more harm than good, and soon the reindeer are wilder than they were before she began training them. How will she ever get them ready to pull Santa’s sleigh on time?

Mine: Beautifully illustrated book. Teeka finally gets the picture and when she tries to kindly train the deer they finally do cooperate. Teeka feels the pressure, since these are Santa’s best reindeer.

Just in time the reindeer to come around so that Santa can deliver his presents on time.

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