Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Review: Maeve on the Red Carpet by Annie Bryant

Title: Maeve on the Red Carpet (Beacon Street Girls)

Author: Annie Bryant

Genre: Yount Adult

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Rating: 4/5

No. of Pages: Audio (240)

Published: 2007

Back Cover: Dearest Movies Stars in Training,

I am THE happiest girl on the planet. A very famous Holiywood director is coming to our very own Movie House to run a film camp and – hold your breath – she is bringing her dreamy actor son with her. Can’t you just picture moi and the star of my very own romantic comedy?

Of course, there’s the small matter of Madeline, the beautiful, talented, and ultra-rich daughter of the famous Krupcake King (Gotta love those Krupcakes) She wants to star in the movie, too. But hey, I say let the best ach-TOUR win! Honestly, does life get any more fabulous?

XOXO, Maeve

Mine: This is a wonderful Young Adult series. I’ve read 2 so far and would highly recommend. There is wonderful story of relationships (Parents-children, Sister-Brother). It also is a story about listening to each other. Sometimes parents can be totally clueless. Why put two people that you know will not get along together. Maeve is into acting and her father owns a theatre (movie house) what could be better than to have a movie camp come to town. The only problem is the sponsor has a daughter who thinks she rules the world.

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