Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Madness 5/10/10

The Tuckers Take Tennessee

What is Monday Madness?

Monday Madness was created by us: mommy bloggers Micael and Meghan. Mommy, daddy, single, stay at home parent, working parent, blogger, non-blogger, pie lover, pie hater (who hates pie, seriously?).... it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, Monday's tend to be crazy, right? So we thought we would bring a little fun into your Monday routine. And at the same time you'll get to check out new blogs, network with others, make new friends and connections - multitasking at itsbest!

So what do I do to participate?

It's really easy to participate with us! Just follow the steps below and you'll be set!
1.Follow the hostess blogs at Saving Obsession and The Tuckers Take Tennessee for some Madness Lovin'.
2.Grab the McLinky code and make a post on your blog about Monday Madness, so more people can join in the fun! Also grab the Monday Madness button on the right.
3.Add your blog name and link to the McLinky below.
4.Check out some of the blogs on the list and follow ones you like. Leave a comment to let them know you're from Monday Madness.
5.If someone follows your blog, follow them back to keep the Madness going.

That's it! Visit and follow as few or as many blogs as you'd like!

This week I'm announcing a Giveaway - A - Day Week. I'll me posting a book everyday this week that will be given away. They are various books that I've read or not and are very different genre also - be on the look out.

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