Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Review - Half Magic by Edward Eager

Title: Half Magic
Author: Edward Eager
Genre: Yough Adult
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Rating: 4/5
No. of Pages: Audio (208)
Published: 1954

Back Cover: Beloved by children (and the parents lucky enough to share it with them) since it was first published in 1954, Half Magic is the uproarious tale of four siblings who discover a charm that grants exactly half of whatever they wish for – with results that are twice as unpredictable (and hilarious) as you might expect.

Jane, Mark, Katherine, and Martha manage to cope with an unexpected trip to the Sahara and a nearly disastrous trip to the time of King Arthur. But can these plucky and resourceful children deal with the changes magic is bringing to their tight-knit family?

Set in Ohio in the late 1920s, yet fresh and funny now as the day it was written, Half Magic weaves its spell anew in this full-cast recording that will entrance newcomers as well as fans who have loved this wonderful book for decades.

Mine: What a wonderful story – I’d never heard of this book until looking in the 1001Childen’s Books to Read Before I Grow Up. A thoughly enjoyable book for all young adults or chapter book readers. The magic charm only allows for ½ the wish, the children soon realize that they need to wish for 2x more if it is to really work. The wishes are simple and elaborate (Going to King Arthur’s time). Since the children are big readers every summer they know all about it and Lancelot needs to be saved by the children, but does take offense.

The magic coin also brings new people into their lives also. Mr. Smith comes into the picture several times during precarious times for both the kids and their mother. He seems to be in on the magic of the coin.

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