Sunday, October 10, 2010

Book Reveiw: February Friends by Ron Roy

Title: February Friend (Calendar Mysteries #2)
Author: Ron Roy
Genre: Young Adult

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Rating: 3/5
No. of Pages: 69
Published: 2009

Back Cover: It’s a Valentine’s Day party! Bradley is passing out his class’s valentines, but one of them has no name on it. Inside, the card tells the class to look in the closet. When they open the closet door, the kids find a rabbit named Douglas in a cage! What mysterious “friend” left him there? And why? Then the bunny gets sick. It sup to Bradley, Brian, Lucy and Nate to track down his owner and figure out what is wrong with poor little Douglas.

Mine: The kids are committed to finding out who left Douglas behind for the class to take care of. The kids do manage to find the owner and realize they actually know him. He’s left Douglas, because he feels he can no longer take care of him himself. The kids help him realize that he can still take care of him.

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