Sunday, October 10, 2010

Book Review - April Adventure by Ron Roy

Title: April Adventure (Calendar Mysteries)
Author: Ron Roy
Genre: Young Adult

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Rating: 4/5
No. of Pages: 69
Published: 2010

Back Cover: April is for Adventure….It’s springtime in Green Law, and Bradley, Brian, Lucy, and Nate are on an Easter egg hunt. They search high and low and find lots of eggs. But soon it’s clear that some of the eggs aren’t just well hidden. They’re gone! Who would steal Easter eggs? It’s up to the four kids to crack this egg-cellent case.

Mine: The kids (younger siblings to the A-Z mystery characters) are off on an Easter egg hunt. There are clues along the way, but the golden eggs that they are really seeking have seemed to disappeared. They are hidden in the park, but who would take Easter eggs? The snake, the raccoons, the swans? Time will tell and the mystery will be solved.

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