Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Review: Mole Music by David McPhail

Title: Mole Music
Author: David MacPhail
Publisher:He nry Holt and Co.
ISBN: 805067663
Release Date: October 1st 2001
Pages: 32
Genre: Children’s
Format: Hardback
Source: Library

A spiritual story about the far-reaching effects of private actions.

Mole has always led a simple life, but lately he feels something is missing. When he first hears someone playing a violin, Mole realizes that he longs to make beautiful music, too.

Through practice and patience, Mole learns to play. And even though he plays alone, in the privacy of his underground home, his music has an effect on others that is more magical than Mole will ever know.

It’s amazing how sometimes we never know how we affect others. A small token can make someones day. Mole learns to play beautiful music, but since Mole lives underground he doesn’t know is how it affect those above ground. The tree above becomes large and beautiful. The people who often fought now come to listen to the music together.

It just goes to show that we never really know the impact we make on others. Always remember to smile, open the door for others, and most of all be happy with yourself.

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