Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Review: The Next Always (Inn BoonsBoro #1) by Nora Roberts

Title: The Next Always (The Inn Boonsboro #1)
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Berkley Books
ISBN: 978-0-425-24321-3
Release Date: November 2011
Pages: 341
Genre: Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: Loan - SIL

Good Reads:

The historic hotel in BoonsBoro, Maryland, has endured war and peace, changing hands, even rumored haunting. Now it's getting a major facelift from the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother. As the architect of the family, Beckett's social life consists mostly of talking shop over pizza and beer. But there's another project he's got his eye on: the girl he's been waiting to kiss since he was fifteen...

Once again she’s done it a series that leads to you wanting more.

I can hardly wait for the next installment of the wonderful Montgomery brothers and their new B&B (Boonsboro Inn). It’s amazing how they work together to put the old house together. They pay attention to every detail, it doesn’t hurt that they are carpenters, an architect, and great project manager. Beckett the oldest can communicate with the ghost of the house.

His other project is the girl from his childhood dreams that could barely talk to, but now can’t keep away from. They are actually a good fit. Her husband was a soldier and was killed in war; she came back to her hometown and opened a book store.

Am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

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