Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Post #91

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This Last Week @ Books, Books The Magical Fruit
Week of April 13, 2015 – April 19, 2015

Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): Our Chance by Natasha Preston
Book Blitz(YA Bound) : Half Breed Queen (Skatia Narratives, #1) by L.A. Hendricks
Chapter Release Blitz (InkSlinger PR): The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings
Release Day Launchl (InkSlinger PR): The Quantum Trilogy - VIRTUOUS by M.S. Force
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): Getting Played by Mia Storm
04/14 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - A Witch & a Demon Get ENTWINED by Traci Olsen
04/14 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - True Love Way Release Day by Mary Elizabeth
04/15 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - DEATHSPELL Mercenaries & Magic by Crimson Melodies
04/15 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - The Reluctant Submissive by Rebecca Joyce
04/15 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Tempting BAD is LIVE!!! by Author M Robinson
04/15 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - HELP GIDEON GO WILD! by Cherry Adair
04/16 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Stolen Angel by Lucy Leroux
04/16 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - PURGATORY, a place Down Under by Susan Stec
Chapter 1 Reveal (InkSlinger PR): Binge by Jennifer Foor
04/16 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - The Weight of a Wing by Ioana Visan
04/16 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - OUT NOW - #Sessions series by HEA Book Tours, PR & More
04/16 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Let it rain by Jettie Woodruff
04/17 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook)- All or Nothing Release Week! by Cheri Allan
04/17 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Dragon Her Feet by Iris Pross
04/17 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Making your words shine! by Toni Michelle
04/18 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Draglen Brother Series by Solease Barner

Next Week @ Books, Books The Magical Fruit
Week of April 20, 2015 – April 27, 2015
Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): The Consequence of Loving Colton by Rachel Van Dyken
*04/20 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Shadow Over Avalon by Elizabeth Hull
04/21 - Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR) : Asa by Jay Crownover
04/21 - Release Day Launchl (InkSlinger PR): The Quantum Trilogy - VALOROUS by M.S. Force
04/21 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Congratulations David Baldacci by Grand Central Publishing
04/22 - Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): The Magolia Affair by Tiffany Foster
Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): The Heir by Suzanna LynnM
04/22 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Treasured Secrets is LIVE by Kendall Talbot
04/22 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - The Granbury Paranormal Expo by Brandy Herr
*04/24 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Torn Vol 3 Rel. Apr 25th by Crystal Bozeman Clifton
04/27 - Release Launch Blitz (InkSlinger PR): Binge by Jennifer Foor

Coming soon


*04/28 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Scattered Seasons Release by Sandra U. Almazan
*04/28 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Do you worry about orphans? by Anne Garboczi Evans
*04/30 – HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Dark Fantasy Epic by BB Wynter
*04/30 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Special Box Set: The Firsts by BPIC Promos
04/30 - Release Day Blast (InkSlinger PR): Fall For Me by JC Emery

*05/01 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Love Hiding in Plain Sight by Amber Lea Easton
*05/01 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Carolina Book Fest 2015 by Carolina Book Fest
*05/04 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Light in Darkness is here by Brandy L Rivers
05/05 - Release Launch Promo (InkSlinger PR): The Gentleman Mentor by Kendall Ryan
05/05 - Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): Holding You by Kelly Elliott
05/05 - Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): Holding You by Kelly Elliott
05/06 - Trailer Reveal (InkSlinger PR): The Hard Ink Series by Laura Kaye
*05/06 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Antagonize Me #Ebook #Sale by T.L Smith
*05/12 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - SAVING PRIVATE BENJAMIN by Cynthia P. Willow
*05/15 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - FREE Mission Date Night Adv. by Rob Alex

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