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Book Blitz : The Sons of Gyges by Philip J. Gould

The Sons of Gyges (The Girl in the Mirror #2)

by Philip J. Gould

Genre: YA Action/Adventure, Sci-fi

Release Date: March 29th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

With her mother murdered and her traitor father taken by the CIA, could things possibly get any worse for Sophie Jennings?

In her quest for the truth Sophie travels to America in search of the bio geneticist father responsible for the genetically enhanced DNA that has given her super-human abilities.

Wanting an explanation for recent tragic events and a cure for her invisibility, Sophie finds herself in Washington DC. With the help of the British Secret Intelligence Service and her own unique deadly skills Sophie uncovers a terrible truth. Plunged into the middle of a battle involving the American army, Sophie is faced with a task that threatens both her morality and sanity - save her father or save thousands of lives. 

The Sons of Gyges is the explosive, action-centric second novel in The Girl in the Mirror series.

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Porter felt like she’d barely had time to take a breath as she followed Sophie’s
voice at a run through the corridors, down flights of stairs and eventually out
of the hospital.
  Armed police heading into the building gave
her little notice, assuming her haste was due to fear and the continuing racket
of the alarm system.  An invisible hand
occasionally grappled with hers, leading her in directions less obvious.
  Street lighting illuminated the paths
surrounding the hospital buildings. 
Running to the left of the Critical Care Centre, passing the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer and the Pasquerilla Health Centres, Sophie
brought her to a stop outside the garage entrance of the Georgetown University
   Out of breath, Emily doubled over in her
standing position, trying to recover. 
She looked up to where she imagined Sophie was standing, just a step
away from her.  “I guess...” she started,
“... I owe you one...”  Her words were
punctuated by gasps for oxygen.
  “What were you and Ryan thinking?” Sophie
scorned.  “You could’ve died in there!”
  “I...” Emily couldn’t think of an
excuse.  She stood upright.  Her heart was still pumping fast.  Instead she said:  “I know. 
We are trying to help you!”
  “And I appreciate that.”  Sophie sounded quite the opposite.  “Just do it from the end of a phone.  I can do without these... distractions...”
  “I think you are forgetting something.”  Emily held up Agent Roberts’ shoes.  “Without me we wouldn’t know how important
these are.”
  “Size nine brogues...  Classy.”
  “He hid something in the heel of one of them.”  Emily turned the shoes over to inspect the
soles.  Not seeing anything obvious, she
put one shoe down and paid closer attention to the one still in her hand.  With a finger she probed the inside, feeling
the lining for any signs of a secret compartment.  She turned it back over and tapped the sole
with the nail of her index finger.  It
sounded solid.  She discarded the shoe in
favour of the other.
  “It’s beginning to look like you nearly died
for nothing...”
  Emily repeated her actions from the first
shoe.  Probing the lining inside the shoe
again, she turned it over and ran the flat of her hand over the surface of the
sole.  The treads were rough for the most
part but worn smooth in others.
  “Just ditch the shoe and let’s go...”
  Emily tapped the sole with the nail of an
index finger once again.  Solid... until
the heel.  The sound of the tapping
changed pitch slightly ─ more dull, hollow.
  “You were saying?”  Emily noticed a very minute line of an
indentation just above the surface of the flat of the heel.  She tried prying it off with her nail but it
seemed stuck down fast.  “Do you have a
  “Do I look like someone who carries a knife?”
Sophie countered.
  “Um, yes... actually you do!”
  Sophie ignored the comment.  “Here. 
Give it to me.”
  Emily held the shoe out.  It abruptly disappeared into thin air as
Sophie snatched it away.
I see,” Sophie made a few more noises of affirmation.  “Yes. 
Got it.”  She placed the shoe back
into Emily’s hand where it suddenly reappeared.
  “A sliding compartment,” she grunted
satisfactorily.  “Should have guessed
that.”  A thin piece of hard rubber at
the base of the heel had been pushed from the centre outwards to the back, to
reveal a small square compartment big enough to hide any object the size of a
small matchbox.  Whatever was hidden in
the secret compartment was steeped in shadow. 
Emily upended the shoe and gave it a gentle tap with the flat of four
fingers.  A small flat piece of plastic
the size of a thumbnail came dislodged and fell out into the palm of her
hand.  Carefully, she examined it under
the soft light of a neighbouring streetlamp. 
  “A flash card,” she said with an air of
bewilderment, turning it over one handed with her thumb.  In her head she heard Agent Spencer Roberts:

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