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Cover Reveal : Zero by Morgan Dark

by Morgan Dark
Release Date: June 28th 2016
Rubiños 1860

Bradford is the envy of Drayton College, but everything takes a turn when a
dangerous shadow, hidden in the darkness, starts to stalk him. From then on,
his life falls apart. Unjustly accused of being the main suspect behind the
robberies terrifying high society, he is forced to prove his innocence. And to
do so, he has to find the real culprit: Zero, an infallible criminal who keeps
his identity hidden under a silver mask. What Kyle does not know is that his
enemy is keeping a secret. A secret he would sacrifice everything for. 

Bestselling Author Morgan Dark's Zero to Hit Online Bookstores on
June 28, 2016
First book in a captivating
new YA series that has created a literary trend among Spanish teenagers known
as "Zeromania"

highly anticipated young adult bestseller ZERO
will go on sale on 28rd of
June, in an exclusive ebook edition. First novel
the hottest new young adult series of the moment, it
will be available in more than 30 countries simultaneously.
by Spanish-Northamerican author Morgan Dark, ZERO is, probably, one of the most expected YA books of the year. Published
on September 2015 in Spain, it was inmediately
#1, with
thousands of pre-sales accumulated the precedents weeks, and hit the bestseller
lists on its first day of sales.
positive reviews of journalists and bloggers –some of which has compared the
book with Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling– has confirmed the book success and has
enshrined ZERO as one of the most
outstanding books of the 2015. Not without reason, the novel displaced
Divergent, Insurgent and Diary of a Wimpy Kid from the top of the bestseller
lists and it has won the Kritica Award in 2015 (Best YA Book of the year).
«I never
thought that the characters and the book would be so well received. In fact, I
did not realize how successful the novel was until I start receiving emails
from fans. I will always be grateful for the reception that ZERO has had up to now. As a writer, I
feel hugely satisfied in knowing that there are many readers enthusiastically
waiting for my books», said Morgan Dark, the writer of the novel.
precedent bestsellers such as Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments or The Maze
Runner, ZERO is a masterful young
adult thriller. With an exclusive boarding school as backdrop, the book
revolves around the epic confrontation between two antagonists: Kyle Bradford,
a popular student with a perfect life, and Zero, a dangerous thief willing to
do anything to achieve what he wants. The novel has a clever plot of hectic
pace, with no lack of turning points and surprises. All the story is a huge
puzzle of hidden secrets and half-truths in which nothing is what it seems to
ZERO will be published
simultaneously on June 28, 2016 in the United States, United Kingdom,
Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and India, only in digital format. The second
book of the series –
DOUBLE ZERO– will go on sale in Spain on June 8.
at #1 on best seller list
#1 on
sales in Spain
of presales
of the Kritica Award (Best YA Book of 2015)

On sale
on the 28rd of June in more than 30 countries

ZERO Book Reviews
«Zero is
a book which could set a new trend. It’s light, different from tales that
abound in the realm of young adult fiction. It is, without a doubt, among the
most exciting, well-written, and addictive novels of the moment.» — Literature
an incredible book, one of the best I’ve read this year, addictive and
impressive.» — A Stronger Hope
«Zero is
an exciting and addictive novel, full of mystery, secrets and tension that
draws you in wondering what’s going to happen next.» — Chronicle & Cover
on par with some of the most wellrespected young adult literature of our time.»
— Katherina’s Thoughts
«Zero is
an addictive read with an whirlwind pace topped off with surprises and
mystery.» —Words Of Books
«Does it
deserve the praise it’s received or is it just a mere rehashing? After
finishing the book, the tension of the plot still simmering in my head, the
answer is it does. It undoubtedly does.» — Culturamas
«Zero is
a highly recommendable novel that takes the conventions of the young adult
genre to the next level with an irresistible story that borders on perfection.»
— Crow Magazine

the Author
Dark is one of the most original teenage literature writers. Always enveloped
in suspense, as of yet no one knows her true identity. She began writing
ZERO after a hooded man robbed her in her New York
apartment. Included amongst the stolen items was her favorite ring. After
ZERO became one of the most awaited teenage books
in 2015, her ring showed up in her

house again… in black envelope with no sender. 
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