Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Book Review: When Penny Met POTUS by Rachel Ruiz

Title: When Penny Met POTUS
Author: Rachel Ruiz
Publisher: Picture Window Books
ISBN: 9781623707583
Release Date: August 1st 2016
Pages: 32
Genre: Children’s
Format: Hardback
Source: NetGalley

GoodReads: Penny has heard the term POTUS over and over but doesn't know what it means and her imagination runs wild! When she spends a day at the office with her mother, she asks a few questions, looks around, and tries to discover just who or what POTUS is.

Mine: Penny thought POTUS (President of the US) might be a minister, but what she really cared about was going to work with her mother who worked at the “White House”.

She searches high and low in the building and is quite surprised when she finally meets POTUS – now who she thought it would be.

The POTUS can be someone that eats ice cream she soon discovers, but it can be the most unexpected person.

*I received a free ARC of from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*

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  1. Cute book. I know some adults that did not know what POTUS meant for a long time.


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