Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Post #30

Lost track of my numbers so starting over in 2016.

This Last Week @ Books, Books The Magical Fruit
Week of September 5 – September 11, 2016
Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Tori Rides Again! Join Her! by KA Matthews
Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Biker Chicks volume 2 is here! by Biker Chicks Author Collective
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): REFUSE TO REIGN by Constance Phillips
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): BISHOP'S QUEEN by Cristin Harber
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): CEASE by JC Emery
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): SWEET DREAMS by Nina Lane
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): MORE THAN EXIST by Bethany Lopez
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): Royally Matched by Emma Chase
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): WRITE NAKED by Jennifer Probst
Release Day Blitz (InkSlinger PR): UNTHINKABLE by Nina Croft
Stacking the Shelves #56
Sunday Post #30
09/06 - Excerpt (Reading Addiction Blog Tours) : First Circle Club by Alex Siegel
*09/11 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - 1,000 LIKES Celebration by Cheree Castellanos PA

Next Week @ Books, Books The Magical Fruit
Week of September 12 – September 18, 2016
Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): ENTRAPMENT by Aleatha Romig
Release Blitz (InkSlinger PR): WELL HUNG by Lauren Blakely
*09/12 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - A Crymsyn Hart eBook Offer! by Seventh Star Press
*09/13 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Time to Rope ‘n Ride by Love Books
*09/13 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Sexy Shifters Boxed Set by Lia Davis, Author
*09/13 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Being Richard 99cents Kindle by Toni Allen
09/14 - Teaser Blitz (InkSlinger PR): HOOKED by Brenda Rothert
*09/14 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - STEAM Kids Hands-On Projects by the STEAM Kids team
09/15 - Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): BENEATHE THESE SHADOWS by Meghan March
*09/15 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Teabreeze is live! by Kyle Perkins
*09/15 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Forbidden - Now available for pre order! By Shannon Eckrich
*09/15 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - ✰Hybrid is Live!✰ By Nathalie Raven
*09/17 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Library Card Sign-up Month By Dorothy M. Vance
*09/18 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Pre - Order Ready For Flynn by Author L Chapman
*09/18 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Coming In Hot Preorder Blitz by Izzy Szyn
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Reading Challenge Sign up
Always looking for new ones – any suggestions?

Books Reviewed
New York: Picture Book by Planet Collection
When Penny Met POTUS by Rachel Ruiz
Wisconsin: Picture Book by Planet Collection

Coming soon

*09/19 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Sexy doctor on call . . . by Robin Covington
09/20 - Release Day Blast (InkSlinger PR): A PLAYER FOR A PRINCESS by Tia Louise
*09/20 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - The Wedding Day Has Arrived!!! by Robyn Peterman
*09/20 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Chronicles of Parthalan - 99 cents for a limited time! By Jennifer Provost
*09/22 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Tim Tebow - SHAKEN Book Launch by Tim Tebow
*09/22 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - A Twist of Tobacco By Rita Holcomb
09/23 - Excerpt Reveal (InkSlinger PR): THE FIX-UP by Kendall Ryan
*09/26 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Banned Books Week by ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom
*09/26 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - The Gray Tower Trilogy By Alesha L. Escobar
*09/27 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Living the Pie Life by Samantha Ettus
*09/27 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Visiting Lilly – Free on KU By Toni Allen
09/30 - Pre Order Blast (InkSlinger PR): TRU BLUE by Melissa Foster
09/30 - Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): TAINTED KISS by Terri Anne Browning

*10/03 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Paper in the Wind - A Spellbinding Novel By IndieBooksBlast
10/07 - Social Release (InkSlinger PR): SEARCHING FOR DISASTER by Jennifer Probst
10/10 - Release Day Blitz (InkSlinger PR): SEARCHING FOR DISASTER by Jennifer Probst
*10/11 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley
*10/24 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Playing Her Game Release By Audrey Randall
10/25 - Release Day Blitz (InkSlinger PR): THE BOUND by K.A Linde
*10/28 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - The Blessed Knights Release by Amber Garcia

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