Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Illustrated Year: 2012 Picture Book Reading Challenge

January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012

A few of us participated in my picture book reading challenge during 2011. I had a fun time with it and wanted to give it another try. I love picture books, and was collecting them long before I became an elementary librarian. Sometimes it's the story, sometimes the illustrations, and a lot of the time it's the fun of reading them out loud to kids that makes picture books so enjoyable. I thought it would be fun to create a reading challenge for this shorter, though just as entertaining, genre. Picture books are a great way to share stories and the experience of reading with children. If you're reading the books with kids, I encourage you to add their opinion of the books as well! I love the way the family at Bookie Woogie reviews books. That being said, not all picture books are for children. Picture books for older audiences are also welcome.

I will be using the thumbnail inLinkz form for participants to link their monthly reviews to. This way we can see the books you've reviewed!

To Sign Up

IF YOU BLOG: Please make a post on your blog about participating in the challenge. Then use the URL for your CHALLENGE POST when signing up using the inLinkz below. IF YOU DO NOT BLOG: Please link to your GoodReads, Library Thing, or similar profile.
You must add the button to your sidebar - make sure that it links back to this post so others can join the challenge if they wish. Just copy and past the code displayed below!

The Details

Timeline: January 1, 2012- December 31, 2012
Select your level:
Level 1 - Read 12 picture books
Level 2 - Read 16 picture books
Level 3 - Read 24 picture books

You don't have to select your books ahead of time, you can just add them as you go. If you do list your books in the beginning, you can always change them later on.

Crossovers with other challenges count.

Digital books count

Re-reads count as long as you read them in 2012 and you post a new review for the book.
You can join anytime

For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.

I'm going to try for Level 3 and here is a list of my books. I am hoping to use my iPad for reading this year.

1. Chuff and the Race Cars by Peter Dempster (ebook)
2. All I Got For Christmas by Rebecca Shelley (ebook)
3. Attach of the Sugar Plum Faries by John H Carron (ebook)
4. Shannon and Ally Visit Lake Ontario by Kate Everson (ebook)
5. The Deables (A Merryweather Mystery) by R A Jones (ebook)
6. The North Pole Challenge by Kevin George (ebook)
7. The Santa Diaries: A New Fangles Christmas Book One by Betsy Haynes (ebook)
8. Blinky, The Great Halloween Fish by Melissa L Webb (ebook)
9. Jumpers by E. G. Fabricant (ebook)
10. Quack-A-Doodle-Baaa by Michelle de Villiers (ebook)
11. The Adventures of Marvin Theodore Harvey by Michael Blagiotti (ebook)
12. The Tale of Bernie the Fruit Bat by Chris Carlisle (ebook)

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  1. I'm so glad you signed up. I'm looking forward to what you think of your iPad books. I've had my eye on one but I'm not sure if I want to get an interactive book.


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