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Book Tour Promo: Reckless Book Four in the Nashville Nights series by Cheryl Douglas

Series: Nashville Nights

Book: Reckless, Book Four

Author: Cheryl Douglas

Character Profiles of Hero and Heroine, Ty and Avery

Q: What can you tell us about Ty?
A: He’s a sweetheart! Honestly, think about a stand-up guy who does right by his friends, family, and co-workers… that’s Ty. He does have that sexy, rough around the edges, cowboy thing going on though, oh, and did I mention he can sing? If you’re looking for a sweet and sexy hero, Ty’s your man.

Q: What can you tell us about Avery?
A: It may take readers a bit longer to warm up to Avery. She’s a successful publicist who has been burned by a few too many men. That and the fact that she didn’t have the best example of marital bliss growing up have made her cynical.

Q: Can you give us some insight into their relationship?
A: Ty and Avery had a one-night stand, but she left him the next morning without an explanation. Ty has never been able to forget about her, so when they start working together, he’s determined to make the most of it. Avery doesn’t believe that a guy like Ty could be in it for the long haul, especially when his newfound fame is about to make him a household name, but he’s determined to prove her wrong.

Q: Would you consider Ty and Avery likeable characters?
A: My readers love Ty. They definitely think he’s one of the good guys. Avery is the strong woman Ty needs to challenge him and keep him on his toes. There may be times throughout the book when readers get angry with Avery because she doesn’t make it easy for Ty to love her, but I think by the end of the book readers genuinely like her.

Q: What can you tell us about the Nashville Nights series?
A: The Nashville Nights series has been an evolution. I hate to say the books wrote themselves because that makes it sound easy, and believe me, it wasn’t. At first I thought the first book in the series, Shameless, would be a stand-alone title, but as soon as I started to develop the secondary characters I realized that was not going to be the case.

It was supposed to be a six-book series, but when I started writing the sixth book I was getting daily emails from readers telling me they weren’t ready for the series to end. To be honest, neither was I. At the same time readers were giving me this feedback, I was developing Jay and Mike’s characters. Those who have read the series will remember Jay and Mike from book two, Fearless. They were Josh’s sons and they were just teenagers at the time, but by book six they are in their mid-twenties. I heard a lot of positive feedback about Mike and Jay when I wrote book two. Readers really seemed to connect with them, so following their journeys seemed like a perfect conclusion to this series.

Q: You often mention your muse. How did that figure into the writing of this book?
A: My muse writes my books, I don’t. I’m serious. I outline every book before I start and they always take on a life of their own. I just go along for the ride!

Q: What do you want your readers to know about Ty and Avery?
A: Any woman who has been hurt by a man will tell you it’s not easy to love again. When the first man to disappoint you is your father, it sets the tone for the rest of your life. That’s Avery’s story. Ty, on the other hand, had a wonderful example of what marriage should be and he wants to find that for himself. That’s not to say he hasn’t been hurt, he has, deeply, but his feelings for Avery are unlike anything he’s every felt before and when a man loves that deeply, he couldn’t walk away even if he wanted to.

About the Author

It took me thirty-seven years to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I thought I'd found my calling. In fact, I worked as a nutritionist for twelve years before I finally admitted to myself that while I enjoyed my work, I couldn't imagine doing it for the next thirty years.

My sub-conscious knew that I wanted to be a writer long before the conscious part of my mind decided to get with the program. While my sub-conscious was hard at work creating character profiles, plots and storylines, my conscious mind was telling me it was crazy to give up a successful business on the off-chance one of my manuscripts might rise to the top of someone's never-ending slush pile. After years of listening to that negative voice, I was finally ready to stop making excuses, face the fear and follow my dream of becoming a full-time writer, no matter the outcome. I'm so thankful I did.

I love bringing my characters to life and I am so grateful to have readers who love those characters as much as I do.

When I take a break from writing it's to spend time with my husband (a.k.a. my real life hero), my son, and my writing partner, Tia, a spirited Havanese who enjoys tapping her paw on my keyboard whenever I need a little comic relief.


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