Friday, December 16, 2016

Book Review: The Tree Within The Tree by Sally Huss

Title: The Tree Within the Tree
Author: Sally Huss
Publisher: Huss Publishing
Release Date: December 18th 2011
Pages: 22
Genre: Children’s
Format: ebook
Source: Kindle

Good Reads: In this book, you will meet a tree that longs to be a Christmas tree, but doesn't look the part, and fears he will never be chosen. He lingers on a rubbish pile until two children come onto a lot and find him. With their two dollars they purchase the tree and bring him home to their enthusiastic mother and siblings. Through the eyes of this appreciative family, the tree becomes a full-fledged, full-scented, magnificent Christmas tree. It is a wonderful Christmas after all, but most especially for the tree. Appreciation makes it so!

Mine: What a wonderful book about “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.”

The children buy a misfit tree but all they see is the beauty – as does the misfit tree in it’s surroundings.

At the children and mother decorate with simple items – tin foil balls soon look like silver balls, hair ribbons look like doves, and the popcorn garland looks like pearls – so in the end there is a beautiful tree.

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