Friday, December 2, 2016

November 2016 Recap

Books Read this month
LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign Trail by Mark Teague
The Thing Lou Couldn't Do by Ashley Spires
Different! Same? by Heather Tekavec
Animals Do, Too!: How They Behave Just Like You by Etta Kaner
Dan the Biggest Dump Truck by Chris Adams
Home Free by Fern Michaels (Audio)
Dumpy At School by Julie Andrews Edwards & Emma Walton Hamilton

Challenges Updates
COMPLETED - 2016 I Love Picture Books (Bea's Book Nook) 49/20
COMPLETED - 2016 New Release Challenge (Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My! and (un)Conventional Bookviews) 25/15
COMPLETED - 2016 Reading Challenge (GoodReads) 86/75
COMPLETED - 2016 What an Animal Reading Challenge IX (Socrates Book Reviews) 14/12
COMPLETED - Fun in the Sun Reading Challenge (Whole Latte Books) 6/6
COMPLETED = 2016 Audiobook Challenge (HotListens & TheBookNympo) 5/5
Reading Challenge Addict (The Reader's Block) 5/5
The Challenge (The Novel Orange) 5/5
FINISHED - Summer Coyer (Fantasy is More Fun, Because Reading is better than real life, Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!) 16/30
2016 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge (Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book) 6/26
2016 Audiobook Challenge (GoodReads) 5/12
2016 Crafty Cozy Challenge (Books Are Life – Vita Libri) 0/6
2016 I Love Libraries (Bea's Book Nook) 10/12
2016 NetGalley Reading Challenge (Fictively) 12/20
2016 Pages Read ( The Crafty Engineer's Bookshelf) 8952/26,000
9th Annual Graphic Novels & Manga Challenge 2016 (9th Annual Graphic Novels & Manga Challenge 2016) 1/12
Blogging Better New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge (DoingDewey) 0/12
Bookshelf Love (Poetree) 3/12
Cruisin' Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2016 (Socrates' Book Reviews) 0/6
Foodies Read 2016 (Based on A True Story) 6/12
Let's Turn Pages Challenge (Good Reads - 2015 and 2016 Reading Challenge) 8952/10000
Nonfiction Reading Challenge 2016 (The Introverted Reader) 6/10
Read the Books You Buy Reading Challenge 2016 (The Book Date) 2/12

Other Postings

(Book Blitz) Book Blitz/#Giveaway (YA Bound) : Whimper: Episode One by Crystal Crichlow
(Book Blitz) Book Blitz/#Giveaway (YA Bound) : Weariland by Mary Shotwell
(Book Blitz) Book Blitz/#Giveaway (YA Bound) : Forgetting Yesterday by Ava Wood
(Book Blitz) Book Blitz (InkSlinger PR): DARKNESS Series by Claire Contreras
(Book Blitz) GRAND FINALE BLITZ (Prism Book Tours) : Healing of the Heart by Loree Lough
(Book Excerpt) Book Excerpt (Prism Book Tours): BOOTS AND BEDLAM by Ashley Farley
(Book Review) Book Review: LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign Trail by Mark Teague
(Book Review) Book Review: Silly Monsters 1, 2, 3 by Gerald Hawksley
(Cover Reveal) Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : Return to Yesterday (Broken by the Sea #2) by Ava Wood
(Cover Reveal) Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : Midnight (Forgotten Divinity #2) by Kristy Centeno
(Cover Reveal) Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : Gold Rush by Jennifer Comeaux
(Excerpt Tour) Promo Excerpt (Reading Addiction Blog Tours) : Single Chicas by Sandra Lopez
(Giveaway)A Merry Christmas Military Book Giveaway by Donna Hatch (Prism Book Tours)
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Immortal Slumber By SL Perrine (Author)
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - FALL INTO MAGIC LIVE KINDLE By Rainy Kaye
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Flaming Sword Book Launch By Heather FitzGerald
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Blog tour ~ My Maker’s Keeper By allthingsfantasy
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - A Thankful Heart/ M. McClone By Pure Textuality PR
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Connelly’s Horde Redesigned By Laura Trujillo
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - The Seventh Princess/M Larkin By Pure Textuality PR
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Your Money’s Worth / C.Suttle By Pure Textuality PR
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Skipping Midnight Book Release By Aimee
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Emma’s Match Book Blast By Aimee
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - ✰Fantasy – SALE✰ By Nathalie Raven
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Princess Dracula – JP Kennedy By Pure Textuality PR
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Crimson Fire By Mirren Hogan
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Dead by Morning Free on Amazon! By Kayla Krantz
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Deceiving Bella by Cate Beauma By DDS
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Hunting in Bruges / EJ Stevens By Pure Textuality PR
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Blog Tour ~ Boy Meets Witch By allthingsfantasy
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - If I Should Wake – New Release By mskrysd
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - ✰Her Dangerous Visions✰ By Nathalie Raven
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - A Time for Giving! By E.G. Fox
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Two Worlds Collided By Karen Michelle Nutt
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Escaping Trouble Prerelease By Eva Winters
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - ✰Faye Magic – Preorder✰ By Nathalie Raven
(Head Talker) HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - The Lady of the Forest By Barbara Bettis
(Sales Blast) Sale Blast (Reading Addiction Blog Tours) : CYBER MONDAY SALE BLAST
(Stacking the Shelves)Stacking the Shelves #58
(Stacking the Shelves)Stacking the Shelves #59
(Sunday Post) Sunday Post #35
(Sunday Post) Sunday Post #36
(Sunday Post) Sunday Post #37
(Sunday Post) Sunday Post #38
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - The Dark Fae Series: Book 3 by Ella Price
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Get Your Read On! by Shaunta Grimes
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Have you been Naughty or Nice? by jennifer wedmore
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Two thrillers for 99c/p each! by Mark Tilbury
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - JAX - By J. L. Perry
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - My Bad Boy Neighbor on Amazon! by Desirae Clark
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - JINGLE BOOTS by Em Petrova
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Burn with me campaign by Rachael Tonks Author
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Love hot #Romance? by Melissa Foster
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Secrets and Shadows Boxset by Rhonda Sermon-YA Author
(Thunderclap)Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - BangShift is LIVE! by Winter Travers
*11/01 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Free Life Shocks Romances By Jade Kerrion - Not Posted
*11/02 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Two of Clubs By J.A.Armitage – Not Posted
*11/04 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Indie Author Editing Package By Foxy Book Farm – Not Posted
*11/08 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - ✰Entangle Me – SALE✰ By Nathalie Raven – Not Posted
*11/08 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Twelve Spirits of Christmas By Kathryn Hearst – Not Posted
*11/10 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Dark Humanity By Nirina Stone – Not Posted
*11/18 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - Give the gift of reading - Children of Ribe By C S Woolley – Never Posted
*11/18 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Solve a Murder. Save a School. by Andi Cumbo-Floyd – Never Posted
*11/20 - HeadTalker (Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler) - A Rebel Among Us By Toni Michelle
*11/20 - Thunderclap (Twitter/Facebook) - Mated to the Alpha King Launch by Jennise K

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