Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Secret Santa

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As I have previously mentioned, this time of year is my favorite. There is so much going on with holidays, weather, etc. One of my favorite events for the holidays has always been Secret Santa. My extended family does this every year, and it is usually really funny to see what everyone gets. We then spend what seems like forever trying to guess who gave what to whom. Anyways, I thought that this would be a fun event to do for the blogging community since I feel like many of you are now a part of my extended family.


* I have created a sign-up sheet-- which is below. Please only fill out this form if you are serious about this. (I would really hate to pair someone up, and then one of the partners does not participate.)

* This open internationally. I am hoping to pair those in like countries. For example: Canadians with other Canadians, UK with UK, etc. If it does not work out equally, then I will try to find some sort of compromise.

* Books given can be new or used. If used, please make sure they are in good condition.

* Sign-ups end on November 15th. I will email you your partner's information by Wednesday, November 18th.

* Please have your package sent out no later than December 10th.

* When you’ve sent out your package, please email me and let me know. And please also email me when you receive your package. I want to ensure that all who sign up receive something.

* If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

* And most importantly: HAVE FUN!

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