Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Review - 2nd Chance by James Patterson

Title: 2nd Chance
Author: James Patterson
Genre: Suspense
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Rating: 4/5
No. of Pages: Audio (400)
Published: 2002

From the back:
The shooting of a little girl on a church’s front doorstep leads Detective Lindsay Boxer to round up “[four] of the sharpest law-enforcement minds in the city” – the Woman’s Murder Club, composed of herself, Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas, Assistant DA Jill Bernhardt, and a medical examiner Claire Washburn – to break the case. A serial killer, using different methods and choosing semmingly disparate victims, is leaving a trail of bodies across the greater San Francisco area. What is the logic behind this serial killer dubbed “Chimeria?” To her horror, Detective Boxer realizes that all the killings have affected relatives of policemen, and may have something to do with her estranged father, Detective Marty Boxer. Facing Chimera’s taunts and attacks, the WMC prepares for a showdown.

Mine: Funny thing about this series it that I started with book 4, little knowing what a great series and that it actually took place in my own backyard (San Francisco is about 40 miles away). How could you be so cold to be murdering children? Who is Chimeria? Lindsay must learn quickly before she is punished for her father’s sins as a police officer himself, can she do it?

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  1. I absolutely love James Patterson on audio. He's a favorite of mine!


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