Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book Review - Greedy Apostrophe: A Cautionary Tale by Jan Carl

# 12 (actually 28, but only review 12 – I’m a Little behind)
Title: Greedy Apostrophe: A Cautionary Tale
Author: Jan Carl
Genre: Children’s
Challenges: PB & J Challenge, 101 Books in 1001 Days Challenge, A to Z Reading Challenge, 2009 Support Your Local Library, 20 Books in 2009, Pages Read Challenge, Young Reader's Challenge 2009, Read a Book a Month Challenge,

Rating: 4/5
No. of Pages: 32
Published: 2009
From the back:
It's the moment all the punctuation marks have been eagerly awaiting: assignment time. There are plenty of open positions for apostrophes as contractions. Soon there's only one job left-for a possessive-and only one apostrophe to fill it: none other than Greedy Apostrophe. It's not long before his greed gets out of hand, and he jumps into signs where he doesn't belong. What will it take to put Greedy Apostrophe back in his place? This clever and zany language arts picture book will have kids eager to learn the tricks of using an apostrophel

What an adorable book – I read it while babysitting my nephews. That apostrophe is really greedy and wants to get in on all the punctuation. Great illustrations also –very colorful. We had a great time reading it.

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