Monday, April 6, 2009

Mailbox Monday #5

These are the books I've received this last week.

The Glenn Miller Conspiracy: The Never-Before-Told True Story of his Life - and Death by Hunton Downs. Sounded interesting, because I've always liked Glenn Miller music.

Jill Spiegel's How To Talk To Anyone About Anything! By Jill Spiegel. Thought I'd try this for a spin - great for a wallflower.

The Shipwreck of a Nation: Germany: An Inside View by H. Peter Nennhaus. Sounded interesting, since he writes about what Germany was like during the war.

The Lake That Stole Children by Douglas Glenn Clark. This sounded like a book my nephew would like - with the adventure.

Last but not least...Women in Family Owned Businesses: What Keeps You up at Night by Patricia M. Annino, Thomas Davidow, and Cynthia Adams Harrison, with Lisbeth Davidow.
I've always wanted to go into business with my family - I thought I'd read this to see if it's worth the headache.

That's it for this week. Hope I can get through them all.

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