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Book Blast: No Reservations by Lilly Cain

Little Blurb about yourself:

A multi-published erotic romance author, Lilly writes stories of darkly seductive fantasy and sensual romance. When not writing or reading, Lilly settles down to her real life with two daughters, an evil cat and two pain-in-the-butt hamsters.
1. Who or what inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve always loved reading and writing.  I can remember the thrill of writing my first stories in grade school and the encouragement of my teachers. In Jr. Highschool I placed in a writing contest, and although I took time off from fiction to attend university and have children, I’ve never really stopped.

2. How long did it take you to write No Reservations?

No Reservations is a short novella, only fifteen thousand words, about ¼ of the length of many standard books. It came to me quickly as a concept so it only took me about three weeks to write and another 2 to review, revise and edit.  This is really not the norm for me, but it sure was fun.

3. While writing how many times do you go back and rewrite a plot?

Usually I begin my books with a full length synopsis which I use as a plot plan. Even with this the plot will change on me as the characters develop more fully than the initial sketches I begin with. Every book is a little different, so sometimes I don’t go back at all, other times a book will be re-written four to five times. This often depends on the length and the complexity of the plot.

4. You run into a bookstore, where do you go first?

I head for fantasy first.  Then romance, then mystery. I spend a few hundred dollars. Eeep. I run back out…

5. How many books in a month do you tend to read?

I read about five books for pleasure a month. Since I am always writing, and I edit under another name, I spend a lot of time with books, my own and otherwise. :)

6. In all the books you've read. Who is your most favorite character and why?

I absolutely love J.D. Robb’s Dallas. She has a depth that has lasted through so many books. Love her. There always seems to be another layer to peel back and her love affair with the awesome Roarke never pales.

7. State 5 random facts about yourself.

- I lived in Bermuda for 8 years
- I love Belgian chocolate and vanilla hazelnut coffee. Together please!
- Autumn is my favorite season
- I love the TV shows Bones, CSI and Castle
- I used to spend time carving designs into real eggshells – chicken duck, ostrich and emu!

8. Your favorite Genre?

My favorite genre is romance, but fantasy really is a very close second, and it varies from day to day as to which will come out on top. Within romance my favorite sub-genre is romantic suspense.

9. What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading Moonlight and Mechanicals by Cindy Spencer Pape. I’ve had a hankering for Steampunk lately. 

10. What is the best book you've read?

I really loved Valley of the Horses by Jean M. Auel – It’s a book I’ll never forget.

11. Any new projects coming up?

Yes! I am writing a Christmas story with author Renee Field. She’s awesome! We’re creating a town in Rhode Island.

Here’s your chance to market your book. Describe it. And why readers should pick it up?

No Reservations is a fun short sexy read.

Everyone has regrets from their university days - the one that got away, the relationship that ended badly, the one that never began. When plans go awry for business savvy Travis Morgan and his plan to visit his old university buddies, he finds himself face to face with one of his biggest regrets.

Alicia Davis can’t resist a challenge, and besting Travis, her old business school nemesis, is a personal test that carries more rewards than most. When he calls her with a request that only her private airplane company can fulfill, she negotiates a trade—two tickets to an exclusive art show for a one way flight. It sounds like the perfect strategy to Travis, except Alicia has a different game in mind—collecting the art tickets, wallowing in one night of pure pleasure and then leaving Travis empty handed and wishing for more. After all, he was always a player, just like her ex. It’s time for Alicia to score.

If you are looking for a contemporary erotic romance that will make you smile, this story of missed chances and getting even is for you!

Author Bio:

Lilly Cain is a wild woman with a deep throaty laugh, plunging necklines and a great lover of all things sensual - perfume, chocolate, silk! She never has to worry about finding a date or keeping a man in line. She keeps her blond hair long and curly, wears beautiful clothes and loves loud music. Lilly lives her private life in the pages of her books.

Lilly lives in Atlantic Canada, although she spent eight years in Bermuda, enjoying the heat and the pink sands. She returned to her homeland so she could see the changing of the seasons once again. When not writing she paints, swills coffee and vodka (but not together), and fights her writing pals for chocolate.

When not living up to her pen name, Lilly is a single mom who loves reading and writing, dabbling in art and loving and caring for her two daughters. She loves romance and the freedom erotic fantasy provides her imagination. She loves the chilling moments in her novels as much as the steaming hot interludes. Her stories are an escape and a release, and she hopes that they can give you that power, too.

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