Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#A to Z Challenge - U - #Giveaway - Unfair Assumptions by Emma Richmond - ends 5/1

GoodReads Synopsis

Guilty until proven innocent

Disillusioned with men, Neile wanted nothing to do with them - until Mackenzie came crashing into her life, reawakening her senses and tempting her to feel again.

But Mackenzie had a few romantic wounds of his own, and his suspicion of the opposite sex wasn't easy to overcome. Despite Neile's best intentions, he was soon convinced she was guilty of conspiring against him - and that her accomplice was his ex-wife!

Horrified by his accusations, Neile found herself trapped in a whirlwind of incriminating evidence. Defiantly, she determined to win Mackenzie's trust. But would Neile be able to prove her innocence and her love?

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