Monday, April 1, 2013

#A to Z Challenge - A - Giveaway - After School Rules (Miss Spider) by David Kerol

GoodReads Synopsis:

After school on a crisp, bright day in Sunny Patch, the kids are itching to get outside. But when half the group wants to play basketberry and the other half wants to play soccerberry, an argument ensues. Come along as the kids learn a lesson about friendship and compromise--and how great it is to have fun . . . together!

We would like to surprise Lee with a huge thank you for starting the Challenge. Since his name coincides with April 1’s letter, we are asking if everyone could take that day to say a special thanks to the Challenge founder. He will be really touched to see that on everyone’s posts. Please visit his site Tossing It Out and thank him.

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  1. That's really nice that you let your blog followers sign up for a giveaway :)


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