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Author Interview & Giveaway - Firestorm by Radclyffe

Describe your book in five words or less.

Firestorm (July 2011) First Responders romance between smokejumpers

How did the ideas for your books come to you?

I have always written about situations that intrigue me - usually my books start with
the conflict. In the Honor series, one day I thought "Wow, it would really be interesting if the Secret Service Agent guarding the President's daughter fell in love with her." In the Justice series I wanted to write about the rise of international human trafficking. As with most authors, I explore recurring themes in my books – situations and challenges I revisit in different forms. I'm particularly interested in exploring the conflict between duty and personal obligations as well as the healing power of love. My goal is to write unique characters, and the stories will necessarily be unique even if similar themes are explored.

What is the hardest part of writing for you? What's the easiest?

Every new book is a new experience--each set of new characters with their individual
challenges and unique personalities allows me to experience all the surprises and
exhilaration and sometimes heart ache of a new romance all over again. After you've
written as many books as I have, the challenge is in digging deeper with each book,
looking for the subtleties in relationships and the complexities that create character. I hope I learn more with each book and am a better writer at the end of each one.

What's next for you? Are you currently working on or have plans for future projects?

I am currently working on the seventh book in my series The Provincetown Tales due
for release in November titles Sheltering Dunes. “Ex-gang member Mica Galvez is running from a past that just may kill her if she’s ever caught. Paramedic and ordained priest Flynn Edwards struggles to recover her faith in herself, and to do so, must abandon the path she believed she was destined to take. Sheriff Reese Conlon fights to leave the scars of battle behind and embrace the joy of new life. In one explosive night their destinies entwine when a man with nothing to lose threatens to take all three women with him to the grave.”

You can find out more about this book, Firestorm and my previous books at or

Why did you choose to write for specific genre?

Why romance? Short answer--they're so incredibly powerful and complex. Romances
explore one of the most fundamental aspects of human life--our intimate physical and
emotional relationships with other human beings. Through a vehicle with enormous
popular appeal, we as authors can challenge assumptions, explore our fundamental
values, and expand the vast potential of our lives and our relationships. As readers wecan find validation, affirmation, and perhaps new truths about ourselves and those we love. All while enjoying the experience.

What's it like hearing that readers are eagerly awaiting your book's release date?

Thrilling and scary – knowing people are waiting for my next book is inspiring and keeps my energy up for writing, but there’s always the fear of disappointing. Of not delivering what readers want or expect.

What is one question that you've always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

Hmm – Where would you most like to visit? Of course, there are so many places, I can’t answer! The Galapagos, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Greece...

What was your road to publications like?

Varied J. I was first published by three small presses simultaneously around 2001.
Only one is still in existence. As I became more interested in the process of publishing, I published with a “cooperative” for a year or two (2002-2004) with a group I helped found - BookEndsPress. Each author in the coop worked independently in the production of their books, but we all printed, marketed, and sold online together. Then in 2004 I founded Bold Strokes Books and began to sign and publish other authors. We now have an annual title list of over 70 titles and publish close to 80 authors.

Author Bio:

Radclyffe has written over thirty-five romance and romantic intrigue novels, dozens of short stories, and, writing as L.L. Raand, has authored a paranormal romance series, The Midnight Hunters.
She is an eight-time Lambda Literary Award finalist in romance, mystery and erotica--winning in both romance (Distant Shores, Silent Thunder) and erotica (Erotic Interludes 2: Stolen Moments edited with Stacia Seaman and In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip written with Karin Kallmaker). A member of the Saints and Sinners Literary Hall of Fame, she is also a 2010 RWA/FF&P Prism award winner for Secrets in the Stone. Her 2010 titles are finalists for the Benjamin Franklin award (Desire by Starlight), the ForeWord Review Book of the Year award (Trauma Alert and writing as LL Raand, The Midnight Hunt), and the RWA Passionate Plume award (The Midnight Hunt). She is also the president of Bold Strokes Books, one of the world’s largest independent LGBT publishing companies.


An autographed copy of Firestorm

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