Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Review: Civil War on Sunday (Magic Tree House #21) by Mary Pope Osborne

Title: Civil War on Sunday (Magic Tree House #21)
Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Publisher: A Stepping Stone Book (Random House)
ISBN: 0-679-99067-4
Release Date: 2000
Pages: 74
Genre: Young Reader
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

Back Cover:
Cannon Fire!

That’s what Jack and Annie hear when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to the time of the American Civil War. There they meet a famous nurse named Clara Barton and do their best to help wounded soldiers. It is their hardest journey into time yet – and the one that will make the most difference to their own lives!

My Review:
I love these books as much as my nephews. I think the most wonderful thing is that for most of the stories there is some historical influence in the story. Here the children meet Clara Barton and she teaches them about how she took care of all soldiers both North and South.

I always find it that to read a book when younger about history will eventually click when it’s time to study some of these things in school. I always like to read stories that had some truth to them.

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