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Book Spotlight : The Little Sparrow Named Too by E. Dantes

Join E. Dantes, author of the children's picture book, The Little Sparrow Named Too, as he tours the blogosphere July 1 - August 30, 2013 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!



The series of “TOO” focuses around a sparrow hatchling who is new to life and keen to explore it. He is clever though strong-willed which means he always getting “in” and “out” of trouble – especially when he has a bright idea! Each of the books will broach everyday parental / childcare issues helping children understand the importance of parental guidance and social respect.


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Hi, I’m Dantes, the author of a new series of illustrated children’s books about a little sparrow named “Too”.

Due to my father’s job, my early years were spent running barefoot around the wildernesses of the world and though it gave me a rich appreciation of “Bonne Terre” – literacy came a little later than most. Yet every night literature was still there, with either my mother or father reading a bedtime story.

Concerned with my education, my parents made the hard decision to ship me off to boarding school. During those first long nights away from home, I suffered incredible homesickness and that’s when I discovered the magic of words. Reading the same books I had heard at bedtime somehow made me feel closer to home and in those familiar paragraphs my pangs slipped away. To this day good books are still both my joy and my solace.

The Adventures of Too book series is my “thank you” to children’s literature and it carries only one hope, that a new generation of readers feel the same lasting connection to books as I do.

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