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Book Spotlight/#Giveaway : Queen's Wings by Jamie Schmidt

Book Title: Queen’s Wings
Author: Jamie K. Schmidt
Release Date: 5/27/14
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Author Bio:
Jamie Kleinkauf-Schmidt has over thirty short stories published in small press and ezines. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz in Secondary Education English, which is a fancy way of saying she went to college to teach high school English. When that didn’t pan out, she worked as a call center manager, a Tupperware consultant, a paralegal, and finally a technical writer for a major conglomerate company. She is an active member in the Romance Writers of America (RWA), serving as the PRO liaison for her local chapter Connecticut Romance Writers of America (CTRWA).

When not writing, Jamie relaxes with a mug of hot tea and knits or makes beaded jewelry. She sells her handcrafted items at The Dudley Farm during the summer. A voracious reader, Jamie has a Kindle and is not afraid to use it.

Book Synopsis:
Long ago, the Cult of Humanity sacrificed the Dragon Queen, crippling the breeding process. But now Carolyn hears the voice of that long dead queen telling her that she holds the key to breaking the spell that will free all the female dragons.

FBI dragon Reed’s disdain for humans can’t mask the magnetic attraction he has for Carolyn, but when she tells him she’s going to shift into a dragon he thinks she’s crazy. A female hasn’t been hatched, or shape shifted, in over a thousand years.

He’s proven wrong after Carolyn shifts and is named the new Queen on the block. A never-ending line of suitors forms, but she only wants Reed. Too bad he doesn’t want in on the competition. But when the Cult kidnaps Carolyn to sacrifice her in an effort to make the curse against the female dragons permanent, Reed must face his fears—and feelings, racing to save the woman he realizes he can’t live without.

Tagline: Save the Dragons.

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Tour Run Dates: 5/27-6/6

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Author Guest Post/Giveaway : Healing Her Heart by Audra North

May is always such a weird month for me because, on the one hand, it’s my birth month, yay! Cake and presents! So that’s…you know. That’s nice. But then the whole excitement of my birthday dies down and I realize the next week or the next day or the next second after the candles get blown out that Holy crap I am one year older oh my god what have I done with my life?

There’s a lot of crying and eating what I like to call “self-pity cake.”

This birthday, though, was my first birthday as a published author! Yay! And on top of that exciting honor, I had a release to look forward to at the end of the month. Healing Her Heart, the third novella in the Stanton Family series from Entangled Publishing, released on Tuesday and I’m all aflutter.

I originally wrote Healing Her Heart because I had a story in mind for Greg Stanton, the hero. But as I was writing it, I realized that it was actually Carrie’s story more than Greg’s—Carrie is the heroine in Healing Her Heart. That’s why the title ended up focused on her. Because even though Greg is going through a crisis at the beginning of the book, it ends up being Carrie who gets healed.

It was really a fun book to write because Greg and Carrie are both such complete idiots when it comes to love. I don’t even know where to begin with how clueless these two are together. But with a little luck and a lot of great advice from the residents of the assisted living home where Carrie works, they end up learning how to fall in love. And Lily Stanton from One Night in Santiago has a cameo in this one!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now I’m off to eat some celebration cake! Which, really, is the same cake as self-pity cake, just with a different name…and yet, somehow, celebration cake tastes so much better.

Book Title: Healing Her Heart
Author: Audra North
Release Date: 5/27/14
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author Website:
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Author Goodreads:

Author Bio: Audra North fell in love with romance at age thirteen and spent the next twenty years reading as many romance novels as she could. Even now, after having read over one thousand of them, Audra still can't resist the lure of a happily ever after, and her collection continues to grow. She lives near Boston with her husband, three young children, and a lot of books. Visit her website at or find her (way too frequently) on Twitter @AudraNorth.

Book Synopsis:
Informing the next of kin of a patient’s death is hardly cardiac surgeon Greg Stanton’s favorite activity. Tired of spreading bad news, he decides to take a week off and enjoy a few extra curricular activities—one in particular that hopefully involves a certain blonde director.
Emily’s experience as the Director of New Beginnings, an Assisted Living Residence, has taught her that the wisdom of the elderly is often more healing than any drug. So when Greg drops by her office to tell her one of her residents passed away and mentions he’s taking some time off, Emily suggests that he spend the time volunteering at her facility.
Greg is in need of a way to de-stress. After being burned by her ex-fiance, Emily needs a little fun. What’s a little sex between friends? But when their casual arrangement is complicated by real feelings, one of them will have to step up to save what could be something special before they both tear it apart.

Tagline: A week together could be just the cure she needs...
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Tour Run Dates: 5/27-6/6

Giveaway Info: $25 GC & $10 GC

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Book Blitz : Blood Oath (The Secret of the Halflings #1) by Samantha Coville

Release Date: 04/29/14

Summary from Goodreads:
Raya Sarian has always known she was different. The water calls to
her in a way that isn't human. She has seen things that would scar anyone for
life. And her father has been non existent in her childhood.

Because he is a Siren.

A blood drinker.

A monster.

And now she must live with him in a world populated with enemies and dangerous
friends. Can she survive the year?

It had seemed like a great idea eleven years ago, but, now, with Elder Eden staring him down like he was a disobedient child, Christopher Sarian feared that maybe it wasn’t as brilliant as he had originally thought. Her aqua eyes bore into his and he shifted in his seat, uncomfortable with the situation he had put himself in.
Her voice was silky smooth and strong, even in her old age. It also had a slight hiss to it when she was angered. That hiss seeped through in her words to Christopher. “No one will accept her here; her kind is not welcome by others. You can try to win my approval all you want, but the others will make her miserable. Is that really the best for the child?”
“She will be seventeen, you know.” In comparison to the Elder’s, his voice was small and quiet.
“I do know, Christopher, and I know that her presence would bring unrest to our already shaky colony.” Her wrinkled and dainty hands rested softly on the large oak table that was usually occupied by the Elders of the area. Now it was just her and him and the uneasy air between them.
He cleared his throat a little. He was usually so sure of himself and his power over everyone, but now he was reminded that the Elders would always be the ones in charge no matter who had the crown. But that had its upsides; they were a great source of advice and information. They hadn’t failed him yet. “I haven’t seen her for eleven years, Eden. She’ll be an adult soon and she’ll leave me behind forever. I want to see her, and claim her as my daughter, for one last time before then.”
Eden sighed and took a seat in her usual high back chair. She rubbed her temples in slow circles and then lifted her eyes to the man she had watched grow over the years. When Christopher had been crowned, she had kept a business relationship between them, calling him by his title and expecting the same back. But they were far more than that, they were family though not by blood. “Fine. You are my Lord after all. But if anything goes awry during her time here,” she threatened.
“Everything will go perfectly, I promise.”
She pointed a firm finger at him accusingly, but a faint smile crossed her full lips. “We’ll see about that, young man!”

BloodOatheBookWEB - Copy BloodOatheBookWEB - Copy (2) AmazonButton

About the Author
Samantha Coville is an
editor and literary critic at her website, Sammy the Bookworm. She’s been
writing short stories for six years and has appeared in magazines, both in print
and online. When she’s not doing something book related, she is singing in her
church choir or enjoying one of the theme parks in her home state of Florida.

Author Links:
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$20 Amazon Gift Card (INT)

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Book Blitz : Don't Fall by Rachel Schieffelbein

Don't Fall
Release Date: 2014
Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads::
In which a teenage girl endures the over-protective love of her adoptive mother until she falls for a boy who has her wanting to spread her wings, pitched as a contemporary retelling of RAPUNZEL.

Seventeen-year-old Anya leads a very secluded life in a house on the edge of town with her adopted mother. She doesn't go to school, but instead has a private tutor. Her over-protective mom keeps her so sheltered that she doesn't even have a best friend. 

But Anya doesn't seem to mind. She has her books, her photography, and her daydreams, and would do anything to please her mom. Until one day at the library, the only place she's allowed to go, she takes a picture of a beautiful boy.

Before long she's lying to her mom, and sneaking out late at night to meet Zander. But Zander wants more than a secret romance. If Anya wants to be with the boy of her dreams, she will have to risk her relationship with the only other person she's ever cared about.

Guest Post- Retellings
First of all, thank you so much for having me on your blog! I’m going to talk a bit about fairy tales and why I wrote this retelling.
I have always loved fairy tales. I grew up on them, and I suppose I’m a bit of a romantic. I love magic, and true love, and happily ever afters. It makes me happy that retellings are gaining in popularity. All those old stories I loved are getting a new light shone on them, new twists, new characters, and new perspectives.
Rapunzel has been my favorite fairy tale from long before Disney made its version of it. (Although the Disney version is pretty cute.) To be honest, I think a big part of why it’s my favorite has to do with fond memories of visiting an elderly neighbor who used to read it to me.
It was a story I really wanted to work with, but making it contemporary had its challenges! So I will tell you now, no one climbs anyone’s hair. It’s the theme of the story I wanted to hold onto. The idea of this girl being locked away from the world, and how she has to set herself free to really find herself.
I love Anya, my Rapunzel. She’s sweet and innocent, but also spunky and fun. I wanted to write her a modern fairy tale, with its own kind of magic, true love, and happily ever after. Hopefully I’ve succeeded, and readers will fall for her and Zander, too.

About the Author
Rachel grew up in a tiny town in Minnesota. She still lives there, with her husband and their four kids. She coaches high school speech and theater, rides Arabian horses, reads as much as she can, and writes stories.

Author Links:

1 ebook of Don’t Fall + $10 Amazon Gift Card (INT)
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GRAND FINALE BLITZ/#Giveaway: The Rose Garden Tour/Miss Armistead by Heidi Ashworth

To post this Grand Finale and add your Social Media to the Rafflecopter, 
email us at PrismBookTours(at) with "Miss Armistead" in the subject line.

A themed tour with Prism Book Tours

It's the Grand Finale for THE ROSE GARDEN TOUR for

Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice

by Heidi Ashworth

Roses in the Miss Delecourt Series

It all begins when the Dowager Duchess of Marcross sends her grandson, Sir Anthony Crenshaw, to accompany her niece, Miss Ginny Delacourt, to their country estate to check on the roses. The Dowager is concerned since her neighbor is keen on stealing cuttings from her spectacular rose garden for Rosehaven, his rose-inspired country home. On the way, they have a carriage accident and are held up by highwaymen but it isn't until they are quarantined at Rosehaven for the pox that Ginny's and Sir Anthony's love begins to bloom.

Thus the series begins...

Launch - Author Interview

What do you hope readers take with them when they read your book?
I hope that they develop a lingering affection for the characters and that they get something more from it than pure entertainment. I hope that my stories illustrate what it means to truly love someone rather than to simply be infatuated or "in lust" and that there is a realization that great relationships require work and sacrifice.

Kelly P's Blog - Excerpt

Colin opened his mouth to reply, but his attention was abruptly born away by the sight of a young maiden's face as it appeared at the door of the carriage.  She was breathtaking, her heart-shaped face possessed of a pair of large, impossibly green eyes set off by arched brows, black as the hair that curled along her temples.

"If you have had your fill," Sir Anthony drawled, "you had best look away.  You are utterly defenseless in the face of such beauty."

Pieces of Whimsy - Author Interview

Tell us a little bit about your book, Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice.

Miss A is a traditional regency romance (i.e. clean and sweet) about a man who is determined to stay away from women for the time being and a woman who is engaged to be married to another. They feel an instant attraction for one another but neither feels themselves free to pursue it. However, they also feel safe to spend time together since it is clear that they can never be anything but friends. As they draw closer to one another, each must learn to trust in spite of betrayals in their past. It is my most romantic story yet!

Brooke Blogs - The Betrothal

A Maid suitable for marriage
The Regency era is known to be one of the most romantic of all time. One reason for this is the manner in which people became betrothed. Though regency romance novels abound with tales of formally arranged marriages, it was not a time period known for an overabundance of rigid strictures. It was this very freedom from constraints that made the regency the romantic period we so love. Though it was not unheard of for a gentleman to approach the father of the maiden he favored to beg his permission prior to offering marriage to the young lady, it was not required or even particularly the norm. And though there were bound to be fathers who were incredibly controlling and who wished to arrange the marriages of their daughters, it was most likely a rare occurrence.

My Ereader and Me - Tens List

1. I have an identical twin.
2. I am one of eight children and the sixth of seven daughters–all from the same two parents.
3. I am obsessed with pink roses...

Coffee Books & Art - Author Interview

Did you do any kind of research to determine the details of your characters lives / lifestyles?

Yes, I had to do research about India since this is where the heroine was born and raised. It was very interesting. Of course I have done quite a bit of research with regard to the regency era from my first book going forward. It is an endless source of fun for me.

I Am A Reader - Characterizations

Though it is tempting to choose from pictures of famous people, I steer away from that. My characters are very real people to me and I simply can't think of them as such if they look and (inevitably) behave like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Once I have decided the color of my characters' eyes and hair, I spend time googling "men with brown hair and gray eyes" or "women with red hair and blue eyes". It is rare that I find a photo of a person that exactly matches up with what I think he or she should look, however, I have had more luck with period paintings. Though a representation of a real person can never look like the people I imagine, I enjoy selecting illustrations of people who come close.

The Wonderings of One Person - Author Interview

What was the inspiration for Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice?

Prism RoseI knew that I wanted my next book to be set in Miss Delacourt’s world. I had just finished writing The Lord Who Sneered and found myself wondering what happened to a gentleman to whom Julian, Lord Trevelin briefly refers. This gentleman had been engaged and found it necessary to break the engagement, something that was rarely done by the male in the regency period. I wondered what happened to him and decided to make him the friend of Sir Anthony (the hero in my first two books) which made it possible to go back to the beginning of our association with Sir Anthony and Miss Delacourt and have some fun with that. The theme of the book, that of how our appearance says nothing about who we are inside, is one that I touched on in The Lord Who Sneered and could not stop thinking about. This theme is pivotal to the plot of Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice.

The Written Adventure - Excerpt

She supposed it was to avoid the debacle of their last waltz that he took such great care to hold her at arm's length. Yet, she wished he would grasp her so tightly that she could not be faulted if she were to rest her cheek against his chest, her head tucked under his chin while he spun them about the room. There was a peace she felt in his arms that was unlike any she felt, even in the embrace of her papa, in whose presence she felt like a child no matter her years. The mere existence of her intended husband served only to remind her that she must lend her strength to others whilst fearful that the strength demanded should run out before it was no longer needed. As she compared one circumstance to another, she was astonished to learn that, in the arms of Mr. Lloyd-Jones, she was exactly enough.

"I love books that transport me back to old English times. Regency romance is one of my favorite genres, especially when an author writes in a way that scenes just come alive in my head. This was a book that filled my head with beautiful visions and played out like a movie...

This was a fun, diverting read. Clean and proper, just like I like them."

Mommynificent - Review

"I absolutely loved this book. It is the perfect novel for any fan of Jane Austen looking for a light-hearted escape and a fun and highly romantic read...

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would definitely recommend it for any and all Jane Austen lovers, and I highly look forward to reading other books by this author..."

Rose #13

"From the first page of this romance, I was completely smitten. This is a completely clean historical romance, and the story is simple but well-written. Although the ending is assured, the author quite deftly included a bit of tension right before the conclusion. That extra measure alone has made me a super fan of this author! In addition to this, the writing style is quite reminiscent of the classic authors such as the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. I had to remind myself that this is a book written by a modern author because it is unlike the vast majority of historical romances I have read."

"I really enjoy this time period and the characters in this story are delightful! I love the references to Miss Delacourt...

I loved the mystery and suspense element, which wasn't the main theme. It added a little flair to the ending and was just the right touch to the story."

Laughing With Lizzie - The Regency Era

The regency is a time period full of drama and romance. Very much like the second decade of the 1900′s in America (think flappers and prohibition) its fashions, culture and sensibilities were vastly different from those just prior and just after. It was a period of transition in England, the only country which experienced “the regency” (this same time period is referred to as the “empire” period in France and was the tail end of the “colonial” era in America) and had its own fashions, (ankle-length muslin dresses were worn primarily during this time) language terms (what was known as a reticule in the regency was a pocketbook, bag or purse shortly thereafter) and what we would call fads (the rage for all things classical Greek in dress and furniture comes to mind).

What is your favorite flower?

This is also one of those exceptions: roses (though I really love tulips, daffodils, impatiens...sigh, there are so many gorgeous flowers!) But roses are, hands down, my favorite. Yes.

Bookworm Lisa - Review

"The book explores a myriad of emotions. There is love, betrayal, guilt, jealousy, compassion, kindness, etc. Each emotion is portrayed well. I felt empathy for the character's in their trials. I felt that the time period was well portrayed. The characters were well developed and believable.

This is a great book to read in the summer. It is light and engaging."

Mel's Shelves - Review

"I was sure the ending would be happy but it almost seemed like an impossible situation. How would loyal, determined Elizabeth get out of an engagement to a blind man? There are some twists and turns and I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next. The entire book was enjoyable and what I love the most is that it's 100% clean!!

This is the first book I've read in the Miss Delacourt series, and even though it's #6, I didn't feel lost at all. I'm sure there are some references and characters that I didn't quite understand so it would be fun to read again after I've read the other ones!"

"Mr. Lloyd-Jones, I must beg you to stop!"

"Why?" he asked as he tossed the hat to the ground and took her hands in his. "Are my attentions so unwelcome?"

"No!" she said so quickly that he felt he had reason to hope. "That is to say, there is naught in your manner or your character that I find in the least unwelcome. If I were but free," she said, shaking her head, her eyes wet with tears, "but it is of no use. I have made my choice and I must abide by it."

Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice
by Heidi Ashworth

Adult Historical Romance

Ebook, 274 pages

April 24th 2014 by Dunhaven Place Publishing

Mr. Colin Lloyd-Jones and his friend, Sir Anthony Crenshaw, make a pact to avoid the fair sex during the course of an entire season in order to nurse their wounded hearts. As they shake hands on it, they have no idea that one would soon be off on a trip to escort a young lady to the country and the other soon to fall head over heels in love with Miss Elizabeth Armistead. Sadly, Miss Armistead is only interested in those she trusts not to become so besotted with her beauty that they cannot see her true self. Prior to meeting Colin, she had only met one man fitting that description and she has promised to be his bride. However, Mr. Cruikshank is not due to arrive in London for a full month. Can Colin convince Miss Armistead that he loves her for more than her beauty before her betrothed's ship arrives on British shores?

Purchase from Amazon.

Heidi Ashworth, author of the popular Miss Delacourt series, including the award-winning Miss Delacourt Has Her Day, is a busy wife and mother who's grateful for a bit of peace and quiet in which to write. An unapologetic anglophile, she is determined to return to England to see the home of Jane Austen, a landmark she missed during her first trip across the pond, though she knows Lord Byron's house to be a suitable substitute. She's smitten with books, chocolate, and roses, not necessarily in that order, and is never averse to a round of Guitar Hero.

Tour-Wide Giveaway

- US Grand Prize: $50 Amazon gift card and paperback copy of Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice

- 3 ebooks of Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice (US and open INT to these countries: England, Canada, Belguim, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Italy, France, Japan, and Australia)

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Author Interview : Penelope’s Ghost by Goldie Alexander

Little Blurb about yourself:
“Goldie Alexander’s latest novel, Penelope’s Ghost, is a haunting romance published by Boroughs Publishing Group. Her short stories, articles and books for adults, young adults and children are published both here and overseas. For children she is best known for, "My Australian Story: Surviving Sydney Cove", now in its 11th edition. Recent work for middle grade readers includes ‘The Youngest Cameleer’, ‘eSide: A Journey into Cyberspace’, ‘Cybertrix 2043,’ and ‘Neptunia’. For YA readers: ‘In Hades’ and ‘That Stranger next Door.’ Her latest junior novel is ‘Gallipoli Medals.’ Goldie facilitates creative writing workshops in schools, mentors emerging authors and runs Writing Memoir classes.”

1. Who or what inspired you to become a writer?
I have always loved to read and make up stories. That inevitably leads to writing my own stories.

2. How long did it take you to write “Penelope’s Ghost”?
Approximately six months. I am quite slow, I think. And there are always the rewrites and other things – like life- that get in the way.

3. While writing how many times do you go back and rewrite a plot?
I rarely rewrite plots; rather I go inside the plot and that gets rewritten many times and fleshed out even more often.

4. You run into a bookstore, where do you go first?
The children’s section as most of my work is for young readers. This is usually situated at the back of the store and delegated as not important. I always wonder at this because if kids don’t read, they certainly won’t read when they grow up.

5. How many books in a month do you tend to read?
I belong to a number of book clubs so that means at least 4. Sometimes I have to reread a book as well. Does that count?

6. In all the books you've read. Who is your most favorite character and why?
I know this sounds corny, but I have always loved Elizabeth Bennet.

7. State 5 random facts about yourself.
Persistent. Anxious. Self deprecating. Interested in other people. Kind.

8. Your favorite Genre?
Don’t have a favorite. I love crime, Romance and literary novels.

9. What are you currently reading?
‘Her Husband’s Secret’ and ‘Burial Rights’.

10. What is the best book you've read?
All the Shakespeare tragedies.

11. Any new projects coming up?
2 new YA books just out “In Hades” a verse novel and “That Stranger Next Door” set at the time of the McCarthy investigations.

12. Here’s your chance to market your book. Describe it. And why readers should pick it up?
Fleeing a humiliating end to a passionless marriage, Lisa Harbinger seeks refuge in a posh summer retreat on Australia’s lush South Coast. There she finds work as a nanny for two willful children on one prestigious estate. But behind Rangoon’s ivy and red brick walls lies a mystery: What really happened to the family’s beloved Penelope?
Even more mysterious is Richard Prescott. Cold and aloof by day, Lisa’s boss heats up her nights and awakens her soul. But to have a future they both must escape their pasts. Vengeful ghosts and a generations-old curse seek to bring ruin on Richard and his family. But if Lisa can find the answers, she—and her growing love—could be the one to set him free.

Penelope’s Ghost
Goldie Alexander

Genre: Paranormal/Romantic Suspense/Contemporary

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Date of Publication: April 9th 2014

ISBN: 9781941260142

Word Count: 83,560

ARe Amazon Smashwords

Book Description:

Haunted. Haunting. Redeemed.

When Lisa Harbinger takes a job as nanny to a prestigious Australian family, she gets more than she bargained for: two spoilt children, vengeful ghosts, a long-unsolved mystery and a blazing passion she and her enigmatic boss are unable to deny.

“He fell in love with someone else,” Richard repeated thoughtfully. “Was she a friend of yours?”
It must be time to confess. What he would think of me after that, I didn’t dare consider. “Actually, she was a he. Simon fell in love with Robert and finally admitted he was gay.”
Richard’s eyebrows shot up. “Married to someone as lovely and intelligent as you? That’s almost impossible to believe.”
Lovely? Intelligent? Not knowing how to respond to these compliments I said quickly, “I think Simon always knew he was gay. Even when he married me, he was just in denial. I was too dumb to wake up to it.”
“When you did realise, how did it make you feel?”
“Angry. Miserable. Then totally stupid,” I answered. “There were so many hints, but I kept on ignoring them.” Then I dared to venture, as the atmosphere between us was definitely pulsing, “He was never interested in sex.”
His face blank, Richard turned to the next page of the book we were sharing, then another. In the pause I heard an owl hoot and the wind rustle a branch against the window.
At last he put down the book. “Never interested in sex. That mean you’re not? Let’s find out.” With this, he placed one arm around my waist and with the other hand tilted my head so I faced him. Then he carefully and delicately placed his mouth over mine.

About the Author:

Goldie Alexander has published over 75 books plus many prize winning short stories and articles. For children she is best known for, "My Australian Story: Surviving Sydney Cove", now in its 10th edition. Amongst recent work are three collections of short stories: ‘Killer Virus’, ‘My Horrible Cousins’ and ‘Space Footy”.

Her latest novels for Young Adult include ‘The Youngest Cameleer’, ‘In Hades’ a verse novel, and ‘That Stranger next Door’. For middle grade readers: ‘eSide: A Journey into Cyberspace’. ‘ Cybertrix: 2043, and ‘Neptunia’, and the Junior novel ‘Gallipoli Medals’. She has authored the how-to-write ‘Mentoring Your Memoir’, facilitates creative writing workshops and mentors emerging authors.

Penelope's Ghost is Goldie's first, but far from last, Romance novel.

Where you can find author : Goldie Alexander

Facebook: facebook: goldiealexander1

Twitter: twitter/goldiealexander

Goodreads: Goldie Alexander

Boroughs Publishing Group:


1 winner will receive a 10-book subscription to the Lunchbox Romance line.
The ten-book subscription will provide the winner with a new Lunchbox Romance every two weeks. Lunchbox Romances are "delicious short Romances consumable during the lunch hour."

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Post Edition #66

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It's a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

This Last Week @ Books, Books The Magical Fruit
Week of May 19 – May 25
Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : This Summer by Katlyn Duncan
Promo Blitz (Reading Addiction Blog Tours) : TRUE Blue by Susan Rae
The Write On Review-A-Thon 4 (The Book Vixen)
Book Blitz/Giveaway (YA Bound) : Heart Shaped Rock by Laura Roppe
Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : Tore Divided Love by KD Ferguson
Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : Falling by Briana Gaitan & Brooke Kennedy

Next Week @ Books, Books The Magical Fruit
Week of May 26 – June 1
Author Interview (Bewitching Book Tours): Penelope’s Ghost by Goldie Alexander
5/27 - Book Blitz (YA Bound) : Don't Fall by Rachel Schieffelbein
5/28 - Book Blitz (YA Bound) : Blood Oath (The Secret of the Halflings #1) by Samantha Coville
5/29 - Author Guest Post (Pump Up Your Books Tours) Healing Her Heart by Audra North
5/30 - Book Spotlight/Giveaway (Pump Up Your Books Tours) : Queen's Wings by Jamie Schmidt

Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Review: The 15 Best Arm Toning Exercises for Women by Rachel Howe (ebook)

Title: The 15 Best Arm Toning Exercises for Women [Illustrated]: 30 Days to Firmer, Toned & Sexy Arms (Fitness Model Physique Series)
Author: Rachel Howw
Publisher: Nordic Standard Publishing
Release Date: November 14, 2012
Pages: 42 pages
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help
Format: ebook
Source: Amazon

Do you wish you had slim, toned arms that looked great in any sleeveless attire? If you said yes, then you need Rachel Howe's arm toning book. She has put together 15 exercises designed to target the muscles located in your arms. This means when you implement her workout into your exercise routine you will think you went back in time.

No more sloping shoulders. No more bird arms. Be prepared for younger looking arms that are prepared for any outfit. Get the arm definition you have always dreamed about. You will be finding excuses just to show off your new found arms.

Mine: Now is the time to get this started (actually a couple months ago would have been better), since it’s short sleeve time of year.

Most are done with weights, but if they help – great. Most of these look easy, some could even be done while watching tv or if you are really good you could do while walking, I’ve been trying to do them while doing my walk (having been to the Dr and told lose weight!). Figure walking is the way to start.

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Book Review: Freedom From Eczema… Dr. Robert B. Campbell (ebook)

Title: Freedom From Eczema… Dr. Robert B. Campbell (ebook)
Author: Dr. Robert B Campbell
Publisher: Kingdom Publishers; 3rd Edition edition-----
Release Date: April 8, 2014
Pages: 114 pages
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help
Format: ebook
Source: Amazon

From the Author
This book is dedicated to all those who have been afflicted with Eczema. May you find freedom as you read about the process that has brought others their freedom.

From the Inside Flap
I want to share with you what I would say to you if I were speaking to you face to face about eczema. These insights and principles have helped bring healing to many people over the years through one on one ministry or in our healing schools. I pray these insights will bring healing and release from Eczema. These principles are not intended to be head knowledge applied only once, but to be revelation, walked out all through life. If you just try this, it will have limited impact, but if you get the full revelation, you will walk in a changed mindset until you see the full manifestation of your healing!

Mine: Well I was hoping that this was going to give me some clues about Eczema, since I just finished going to the Dermotologist and was told the dry skin on my hands was eczema.

I wasn’t expecting bible verses and scripture. How it relates is beyond me. I’m all for affirmations and things, but I don’t think they help in getting rid of eczema. What a huge let down, besides no where in the description does it talk about the scripture verses.

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Library Read-A-Thon - June 9th - 16th

 photo LibraryReadathon2014_zps1ebc4cdf.jpg

Rachael @ Rachael Turns Pages is sponsoring the Library Books Readathon - checked it out.

Happy National Library Week!

After all the fun I have had celebrating Nation Library week at my local library I thought it would be the perfect time to announce The 2nd Annual Library Books Readathon. After the great turn out of last year's readathon I couldn't wait to host it again. I changed it to be the beginning of the month since there is another Library readathon at the end of June.

The goal of this read-a-thon is to read as many library books as possible. If you are like me you always have books that are close to due that need to be done and fast so this read-a-thon is a great time to get those books done and get them back to the library.

I'm not going to be picky. If you want to read your own books go ahead. I just love read-a-thons so I would love anybody who could join.

This Read-A-Thon will start at midnight on June 9th and will go until midnight of the 16th. I will have daily posts about services my library offers that maybe your library offers too. If you are interested in guest posting during the readathon about your library email me at rachaelc1020 at

Promo Blitz /#Giveaway : TRUE Blue by Susan Rae

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