Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Author Guest Post/Giveaway : Love in Touch by Lucy May Lennox

Lucy May Lennox Guest Post

Distractions from Writing

The only way to write is just to do it. But it's soooo hard not to get distracted. I clear my schedule, find an hour or even a whole day to dedicate to writing, then....nothing. What happened?

The internet. Really I could begin and end the list right there. It's a major problem that the same tool I use to write (the computer) is also the portal to literally endless hours of distraction (the internet). Just turning off the internet connection never works for me. First, because I need to take periodic breaks to check email or relax, and second because I need the internet for research as I go along. So I think "I'll just check this one thing" then I get sucked into an internet black hole, clicking along links of things I MUST read or watch and suddenly I realize hours have gone by with no writing.

Television. This one is easier for me to ignore, because I'm pretty good at setting aside specific times for watching, and turning off when the show is over. But sometimes my husband will turn on the TV when I had planned to write, and I just get sucked in. Law and Order is the worst for me this way--if I get even a little engaged with the story at the beginning, I have to watch to the end. It's like crack. Seriously, I wish I could write like that.

Housework. I can't complain, because my husband is super about helping out and dividing the work fairly. But I do use housework or cooking as a procrastination tool when I want to put off writing. Well at least in that case, I have something to show for it in the end, unlike with internet or TV.

I don't have any solution to these distractions, sorry! But one thing I have found helps me keep engaged with a writing project is to always be thinking about it. While I'm doing other things, like commuting or cooking or even falling asleep at night, I'll play out scenes in my head, going over and over details and dialog until I'm satisfied. Then when I sit down to write, I'm ready to go and less likely to procrastinate because I know what I want to say already.

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About the Author

Lucy May Lennox is a lifelong resident of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her first ambition in life was to become a child actor, but when she grew too old to be an adorable prodigy, she turned to writing instead. A connoisseur of novels featuring men with physical disabilities, she grew frustrated with all the cliches, ignorance and stereotypes and decided to write her own positive take on disability. In addition to writing, Lucy also enjoys cooking and gardening, and is an amateur opera singer.

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  1. I've added LOVE IN TOUCH to my TBR pile - Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I think the book sounds good for a romance novel i do read very few of them I sure read more romance thanks

  3. I love romance! Thanks for sharing this with us!


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