Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 2015 Reading Challenges Update

Month in Review – March 2015
I read 12 books in March.

I’m always looking for new read-a-thons – let me know if you know of one.
I’ve signed up for the :

2015 Book Reading Challenges

Books Reviewed:

Grand Finale Blitz/#Giveaway (Prism Book Tours) : Asking for Trouble by Anna J. Stewart
Grand Finale Blitz/#Giveaway (Prism Book Tours) : Dearest by Alethea Kontis
Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engel
Book Blitz (YA Bound) : Deviate by Tracy Clark
Book Teaser (InkSlinger PR) : This Much Space by KK Hendin
Book Blitz/#Giveaway (YA Bound) : The Infinite (Gates of Thread and Stone #2) by Lori M. Lee
Book Blitz/#Giveaway (YA Bound) : Snark and Stage Fright by Stephanie Wardrop
Book Blitz/#Giveaway (YA Bound) : Summer Confessions by Lynn Vroman
Surprise Announcement : Royal Series by Nichole Chase
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): Beautiful Little Fool by K.K. Hendin
Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : Always Remembered by Kelly Risser
Trailer Reveal (InkSlinger PR): Fall With Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Final Countdown Promo (InkSlinger PR) : Holding Strong by Lori Foster
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR) : Kissing Eden Box Set by T.A. Foster
Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : Modern Monsters by Kelley York
Callaway Blog Tour Recruitment (Novel Publicity)
Grand Finale Blitz (Prism Book Tours) : Rough Edges by Kimberly Krey
Grand Finale Blitz (Prism Book Tours) : The Cloak by Sarah Jennings
Release Day Blitz (InkSlinger PR) : This Much Space by KK Hendin
Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR) : Skip To The Good PART VOL 4 - Various Artists
Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): The Witch Of Painted Sorrows by M.J. Rose
Release Day Blitz (InkSlinger PR): Only For Her by Cristin Harber
Book Blitz (YA Bound) : Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve
Release Day Blast (InkSlinger PR): Naughty King by Michelle Valentine
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR) : Black Collar Queen by AN Latro
Book Blitz (Buy the Book Tours) : Cousin Q by Tammy J. Palmer
Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : Cinderella's Shoes by Shonna Slayton
Cover Reveal (Bewitching Book Tours): Fire’s Field by Jillian Jacobs
Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist by Kay Marie
Grand Finale Blitz (Prism Book Tours) : The Best Laid Plans by Amy Vastine
Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): Pitching For Amalie by Hayley Faiman
Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): One Last Sin by Georgia Cates
Cover Reveal (YA Bound) : The Body Institute by Carol Riggs
Release Day Launch (InkSlinger PR): Boundless Fate by Alicia Rae
Cover Reveal (InkSlinger PR): Fall For Me by JC Emery

Sue’s 2015 Reading Challenges Progress:
>> GoodReads Challenge – 2015 Reading Challenge 23/80
>>Just For Fun Reading Challenge 2015 (Goodreads) 1/12
>>2015 Audiobook Challenge (The Book Nympho) 0/12
>>Goodreads Total Page Challenge 2015 – 924/10,000
>>2015 Read Your Freebies Reading Challenge (The Book Vixen)
>>2015 I Love Picture Books Reading Challenge (Book Dragon's Lair) 9/40
>>2015 I love Library Books Reading Challenge (Book Dragon's Lair) 5/25
>>2015 WHERE Are You Reading Challenge (Book Journey) 0/50
>>2015 Snagged @ The Library Reading Challenge (Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and The Book Nympho) 5/24
>>2015 Erotic Romance Reading Challenge (Herding Cats & Burning Soup)

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