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2016 #BookishResolutions

Because Reading is better than reali life

It’s time for a brand new challenge for the New Year: 2016 Bookish Resolutions Challenge hosted by Laura @ trips down imagination road and Michelle @Because Reading. The challenge itself is a personal one, though we do have a few different rules to last year and an extra giveaway half into the year!

You can sign up anytime between December 1st to March 1st, the challenge starts January 1st and ends December 31st. The 2016 Bookish Resolutions Challenge is about setting New Years Resolutions for books and book blogging (though we’re not too mean…one of your resolutions can be a personal goal!)

You can sign up via blog post, Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads!

We have changed some things around this year to make it more interactive and we added two giveaways and a few twitter parties.

Each month Laura and I will have an update post with a link so you can share with us how you are doing.


*This is a year long Challenge it starts January 1st 2016 and ends December 31, 2016
*You have 3 Main goals to choose from; Blogging Goal, Reading Goal or Personal Goal
*You must pick at least 2 Main goals and each main goal must have at least 1 to however many sub-goals (except Blogging Goals you need a minimum of 3) as you would like (see below for a list of examples)
*Create a sign up post and add it to the Linky on this post (sign up before March 1st)
*On the 30th of each month (and the 29th for February) create an update post about your goals and add the post to the Linky that will be on Laura’s or My blog
*This is a year long challenge once you do a sign up post you can add or take away goals as you would like BUT on Jan 1st you will no long be able change the list.
*There will be two giveaways
*We are also having 3 Twitter Parties.
*Use the Hashtag #Bookishresloutions to update us on how you are doing throughout the year.
*Laura and I have made Goal Posts so you can see how to set up your post. This will also help if you are confused by how the challenge works. You can find Laura’s Post HERE and My Post HERE.

- See more at:

Reading Goals ~
• Complete 6 number of challenges this year
(This challenge does not count towards the total. Mini-challenges within a bigger challenge do not count separately)
• Listen to 12 number of audio books this year
• Read 12 number of paperbacks this year/per month
• Read 2 number of classics this year
• Read 10 number of books that I already own
• Read 6 number of non-fiction books
• Participate in 3 number of read-a-thons (read-a-thons as a part of larger challenges count separately)
Blogging Goals ~
• Fix tags on blog
• Redo layout or update design
• Visit 10 amount of blogs a week
• Update calendar once a week
• Update Pages on blog
• Write 1 review a week
• Respond to comments as they come in
• Create a Blog/Review Schedule (e.g. using a spreadsheet)
• Take part in a meme every month for the whole year
Personal goals :
• Start writing that book you always wanted to write (Family Genealogy)
• Exercise more
• Do random acts of kindness through the year

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  1. Good luck with all your new reading goals and challenges for 2016.


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