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Book Spotlight/Giveaway (Pump Up Your Books Tours) : YOUR BODY YOUR STYLE by Rani St. Pucchi

We're happy to host Rani St. Pucchi's YOUR BODY, YOUR STYLE: SIMPLE TIPS ON DRESSING TO FLATTER Virtual Book Tour today! Please leave a comment to let her know you stopped by!

Your Body, Your Style

Author: Rani St. Pucchi

Publisher: Koehler Books

Pages: 150

Genre: Nonfiction

Rani St. Pucchi,
a trend-setting designer whose designs have
been recognized in Entertainment Tonight,
Harper’s Bazaar, WWD, Town and Country, Bride’s,
Cosmopolitan Bride, Martha Stewart
and The Knot, can help define the style that flatters you most no matter what age or stage of life you are in or what your body type is.

from all over the world have clamored to have a private consultation with Rani
so they may benefit from her
expertise and regain their self-confidence and shine.

In Your Body, Your Style, Rani shares with you her knowledge of the female form and guides you to find simple
solutions to your most pressing body concerns. The focus is on you — and how
you can make yourself more confident and appealing
in almost every situation — simply by making
a few changes and different choices in planning your wardrobe.  

you embrace your unique attributes and dissolve your bad relationship
with your body, you’ll be amazed to find how irresistible you are to others!

simple and friendly guide reveals:

What clothes and silhouettes are best for your specific body type
* Simple techniques to determine
which colors flatter you most
Solutions to common lingerie issues and the importance of fit
* The
one dress that is a chameleon, and how to transform it into different looks
* How
to travel stress free by planning
your wardrobe well
* 101
styling secrets, professional tricks and fashion tips

is an
award-winning fashion designer, an author and relationship expert. She is a regular
contributor to The Huffington Post.


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Book Excerpt:

When choosing your clothes remember that clothes
are meant to flatter your body, not your body to flatter your clothes. Work
with your body instead of critiquing and judging it.
Now that you’ve
assessed your body type, let’s delve into what would look most flattering and
what you would be smart to avoid.



DO: Focus on your waist when
choosing your wardrobe. Dress to flatter your beautiful curves by wearing
clothes and accessories that emphasize the thinnest part of your waist. Draw
attention to your waistline by wearing belts that cinch the waist. V-neck
dresses and tops are typically quite flattering.

DON’T: Avoid ‘boxy’ clothes and
those that are shapeless or drape-y since they tend to add bulk and make you
look heavy. Don’t go braless when wearing a V-neck dress or top. Wear a
supportive bra instead so that your chest is lifted and perky instead of droopy
and sagging. You have admirable curves so embrace them and show them off.



DO: Direct attention away from
your waist by wearing clothes that accentuate your bust and hips instead.
Shirts, blouses and dresses with slight V-necks are flattering. Long sleeves or
dresses with sleeves help draw attention from your waist, shoulders and arms.
V-necks draw attention to your neck and bust. Tops that drape over any curves
work well. Wear bottoms just below your hipbone to help draw attention away
from your mid-riff. Dark colors help camouflage the heavy areas.

DON’T: Avoid dresses and belts
that cinch the waist. Stay away from skinny and straight leg pants as they
emphasize the hips. Choose slightly flared pants instead. These help balance wide
shoulders and a heavy upper body.



DO: Wear clothes that emphasize
the upper body, that add to your shoulder and bust area and that make your hips
and butt look slimmer. Tops that accentuate shoulders such as the current
trendy off-shoulder blouses are perfect. Wear straight-leg pants with heels.
Wearing a bra that adds to or enhances your bust is recommended.

DON’T: To minimize the lower half
avoid pants or tights that narrow your legs. Flared pants can make your legs
look thick, even bow-legged.



DO: Wear clothes that create
curves, by focusing on the upper and lower part of your body. Cinch your waist
to exaggerate curves by wearing belts, flared skirts with fitted belted
waistbands. Dresses or tops with embellishment at the bust, or with frills and
ruffles at the top, will add some volume to make your chest look bigger. Skinny
jeans, mini skirts and bright tights that show off your great legs and add more
shape to a straight body are recommended. A bra that adds a cup size will help
balance your angular feature as well.

DON’T: Avoid boyish/manly clothes.
Baggy jeans, flared pants and track clothes will make you look like ‘one of the
boys’. For working out, wear feminine track clothes that accentuate your waist
but are not too snug on the top and bottom halves.



DO: Keep your attention on the
waist and hip area by wearing clothes that are flared on the bottom but snug on
the top. Strapless tops and dresses with sleeves are perfect. Flared pants and
pleated skirts are flattering.

DON’T: Avoid skinny pants and too
tight skirts. Dresses or tops with ruffles and flounces, or that are
off-the-shoulder, will make you look top heavy.

Many women are a mix of two body types and don't necessarily
fall into one category or another. In which case try incorporating tips for
each body type and see what looks best on you. When you fall between two types,
compare the type you seem closest to and pick styles that lean towards that.
Ultimately you will know what feels good and what flatters you the most. After
all, there is no right or wrong way to dress. Your comfort and your confidence
is what matters most.

Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and
own it.

About the Author

Thirty years ago, Rani St. Pucchi
took the bridal world by storm, despite having no formal training in fashion.
She is an award winning couture fashion designer and founder of the
world-renowned bridal house St. Pucchi. A passionate and dynamic
entrepreneur who launched her global empire in the
United States in 1985, Rani’s vision was to create an avant-garde bridal
and evening couture line with modern styling and classic details. That vision
has been realized today.

Renowned for infusing her
creations with touches of magnificently colored jewels, exquisite hand
embroidery, delicate beading and sparkling crystals on the finest silks and
laces, these inspired designs with innovative draping evoke the timeless
elegance every woman desires. As one of the foremost designers to introduce
exotic silk fabrics and hand embroidery, Rani is applauded for being a pioneer
in bringing color to the
United States bridal scene, having learned that white does not flatter

Rani has been recognized and
nominated on multiple occasions for her design talent and won numerous awards
as a Style Innovator. In addition, she has been honored with the Best Bridal
Designer Award at the prestigious
Chicago Apparel Center’s DEBI Awards (Distinctive Excellence in Bridal Industry).

Rani is famous for designing the
wedding dress worn by “Phoebe” as she captured the hearts of millions when she
said “I Do” in a unique St. Pucchi
Lilac corset bodice A-line gown on the finale of the hit television show Friends. 

Her range of avant-garde designs
are worn by the world’s most discerning brides, including celebrities and style
icons such as New York Giants’ player Aaron Ross’ wife, Olympic gold medalist
Sanya Richards; Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo’s wife Candice
Crawford; Actress Tara Reid; Jason Priestley’s wife Naomi Lowde; actress
Candice Cameron and Grammy Award winning country music singer Alison Krauss,
who donned a specially designed Chantilly lace and silk gown at the Country
Music Awards.

Rani has enjoyed much media
attention. Her signature designs have been recognized in high profile media
such as Entertainment Tonight, Harper’s
Bazaar, WWD, Town and Country, Bride’s, Cosmopolitan Brides, Inside Weddings,
Martha Stewart Weddings
and The

Rani’s real passion other than the
world of design is to help women who have suffered abuse and those who are
struggling to find themselves. On her quest to empower women to be their best
selves, she is passionate about helping them find their voice through building
their self-confidence. She believes that confidence must start with a woman’s
love and acceptance of her body.

Renowned for her savvy knowledge
of a woman’s form and fit, Rani is eager to share her knowledge of more than
three decades with all women so they can make better styling choices. In
addition to the book you are reading now, Rani is the author of four upcoming
books: The SoulMate Checklist: Key
Questions To help You Choose Your Perfect Partner; Seven Types of Men To Avoid: Recognizing Relationship Red Flags; Designing with Heart: A to Z Guide to
Bridal Designing; and Unveiling: A
Celebrity Fashion Designer’s Story, a Memoir of her Life Journey.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Rani now happily lives in Los Angeles, California.




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