Thursday, October 31, 2013

BA’s 2013 Free Reads Reading Challenge

About: The Free Reads Challenge is about all those books you’ve received for free, but haven’t been able to get to. Read books you’ve gotten via presents, review requests, prizes, or just found in the street. Does not include library books or other lending services. They must be books that have become part of your personal collection.

The Finer Deets

The Main Rule: Read books you’ve received without purchasing and you haven’t read yet. Books include gifts, ARCs, prizes, rescue books, but does not include library or other loaned books, and yes you can read new releases.

Running dates for all 2013 challenges: 1st of January – 31st of December 2013
Sign-Ups are accepted until the 16th of December 2013.

Formats: All BA Challenges are eBook, audio, short story, and graphic novel friendly.
Crossovers: You’re welcome to crossover with BA’s challenges. Include as many books across all the challenges as you can, I always say.

How To Sign-Up and Join In

Choose Your Level: Choose a challenge level listed below.

Sign Up Post: Create a post on your blog, in a group, or on a forum (where possible) to let others see what you’re aiming for (a predefined list of books is optional).
Grab The Badge: Download or grab the badge and place it in your sign up post. Then link back to Bookish Ardour.

Link Up: Grab the direct URL to your sign up post, not your blog, click the Mr Linky graphic and enter your link.

Blogless? Don’t worry, you can sign up with your social network profile (YouTube, Twitter, GoodReads, Shelfari included), just make sure you link to your review list, shelf, tweet, or category. If you don’t have any of those feel free to comment.
Your Reviews: Reviewing is optional! But if you do review it would be great for you to share them by submitting them on the review page.

Finished: When you’re done it’s completion post time and you can share these on the completion/wrap-up page.

Challenge Levels
For Me? – Choose 5 books to read
On The Cheap – Choose 15 books to read I'll be doing this one
Bargain – Choose 30 books to read
Presents – Choose 50 books to read
So Free – Choose 75 books to read
Gift Addict – Choose between 76-135 books to read
Speechless – Choose between 136-200 books to read

Extra Challenges
If you feel like that extra kick to your reading challenges here’s a couple you can choose from.

World: Choose a country as your theme, reading only books from that country or where it’s the setting. For how high you go you can choose more than one country;
Level For Me? and On The Cheap: Choose one country
Level Bargain and Presents: Choose two countries
Level So Free to end of Gift Addict: Choose three countries
Level Speechless: Choose four countries.

Gender Battle: Read books only by female or male authors. Another alternative is to read equal amounts of both.

1 The Charity Event Planning Guide by David Mirisch and Godfrey Harris
2 Dawn's Big Move (The Baby-Sitters Club, #67) by Ann M Martin
3 Miracle on Grass by David Fanucchi

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