Monday, January 12, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Read AThon


Get creative and have fun knocking hooks off your TBR with the Scavenger Hunt Read-a-thon. You can participate, whether you’re a COYER participant or not. Since we want you to have a chance to get as many points as possible, the Scavenger Hunt Read-a-thon will run from Saturday, January 25 – Saturday, February 8. Since you need some time to plan, sign up will close January 20th and we’ll send the official Scavenger Hunt Read-a-thon list to you via email on January 21st.

As part of the COYER Winter Reading program I'm signing up for this Read-A-Thon (missed the sign up for the first tow although I was reading or planned to read books)

I have them all on my calendar, but the trick is finding the sign up in time.

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