Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Review: Dawn's Big Move (The Baby-Sitters Club, #67) by Ann M Martin

Title: Dawn's Big Move (The Baby-Sitters Club, #67)
Author: Ann M Martin
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 0590470051
Release Date: September 1st 1993
Pages: 192
Genre: Children’s
Format: Paperback
Source: TBR

Back Cover: Dawn loves here life in Stoneybrook – her new stepfamily, the kids she sits for, and especially her friends in the Babysitters Club. But lately, Dawn really misses her dad and brother in California. Seeing them on holidays and vacations just isn’t enough. So Dawn’s made a decision – a big one. She’s going to move back to California for six months.

Of course, everyone’s shocked. What’s Mary Anne going to do without her best friend and stepsister? Who will replace Dawn in the Club? And will she really come back?

Mine: I haven’t read one of these books in a while but had one on the shelf and thought what the heck. It took me back to jr. high when friends abound. I know it was a hard decision go visit her Dad and brother in California or stay in Stoneybrook. Dawn’s friends make it hard and easy at the same time. Not the best one of the BSC books.

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