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2013 Read-A-Latte Challenge

January 1st, 2013 to December 31, 2013

Are you a book addict? Well, are you? Are you that person who is always seen with your nose buried between the pages and never without a book or two nearby? Perhaps, your looking for the ultimate reading challenge?
Well then, the 2013 Read-A-Latte Challenge is just for you!
This is the place where I challenge you to read... -a- latte!

Here are the challenge details:
1. This challenge will begin on January 1st, 2013 and end December 31, 2013.
2. Books for this challenge can be from any genre and may include print books as well as e-books (please, no audio books). Sign-ups will close on September 1, 2013.

Choose a Level:
Latte 75 books
Cappuccino 100 books
Double-Espresso 150+ books

3. This challenge can cross-over to your other reading challenges.
4. You do not need a blog to participate! If you are not a blogger, you can post your reviews at Goodreads, Shelfari, or LibraryThing and link them up here.
5. I will create a new post each month with a linky for your reviews. Also, I'll be offering quarterly reader gifts to the top three participants. I'll announce the winners on the last day of every three months. And at the end of the challenge I'll have a special bonus for the top three overall participants.
6. Create a sign-up post and link back to this post. Sign up with Mister Linky below! Be sure to use the direct url to your sign-up post and not the url to your blog.

For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.

1 Uzbekistan: Picture Book by Planet Collection
2 Egypt by Planet Collection
3 Ethiopia: Picture Book
4 The Charity Event Planning Guide by David Mirisch and Godfrey Harris
5 Congo: Picture Book by Planet Collection (ebook)
6 Croatia: Picture Book by Planet Collection (ebook)
7 Freddie the Frog Was Hungry by Kari Brimhall (ebook)
8 Japan: Picture Book by Planet Collection (ebook)
9 Dawn's Big Move (The Baby-Sitters Club, #67) by Ann M Martin
10 A Century of Service: DAR Story by Ann Arnold Hunter
11 Playing Dirty With His Mother In Law by Laura Vixen
12 From Love to Lust by Laya Lu
13 Real Life Straight Guys Having Gay Sex by
14 Class Pet by Brenda Trott (ebook)
15 Night Catch by Brenda Ehrmantraut
16 Nature Alphabet by Nancy A Cavanaugh (ebook)
17 Revenge Sex with My Husband's Girlfriend: I Discovered I'm a Lesbian by Kander Bumpo (ebook)
18 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame Nominees: The Case For 37 Men by Frank Jenkins (ebook)
19 Chipmunks: Picture Book by Planet Collection (ebook)
20 Amazon: Picture Book by Planet Collection (ebook)
21 Daddy Gave Me Three Orgasms In A Row by Christian Turner (ebook)
22 Allison's Awakening by Cindy Jameson (ebook)
23 Dad and Mom Hottest Pseudo Incest Series by (ebook)
24 Dad and Daughter Get Intimate with Each Other by Bettina Long (ebook)
25 Dad I Will Comfort You Tonight by Christian Turner (ebook)
26 Having Fun With My Stephdaughter by Christian Turner (ebook)
27 Seducing My Mom's Best Friend by Victoria Dubois (ebook)
28 The Erotic Nurse and Father John by Hannah Butler (ebook)
29 Milked Sex Stories: The Lactating MILF by Tina Jones (ebook)
30 Milked Sex Stories - Cop of Milk? By Karen Kink (ebook)
31 Giraffes: Picture Book by Planet Collection (ebook)
32 Backyard Critters by Planet Collection (ebook)
33 Miracle on Grass by David Fanucchi
34 William L Finley: Photographer and Conservationist by Denise & Daniel Ankele (ebook)
35 Angels at the Table by Debbie Macomber (Audio)
36 Kissing Christmas Goodbye by M C Beaton
37 Plum Pudding Murder by Joanne Fluke (Audio)
38 Cream Puff Murder by Joanne Fluke (Audio)
39 Carrie and Me by Carol Burnett
40 Mike's Aunt Gives him a Hand by Nycole Folk (ebook)
41 Please Mom Suck it Good by Krissy Saks (ebook)
42 Upcycling: Create Beautiful Things with the Stuff You Already Have by George Seo
43 A Threesome with the Neighbor's Teenage Son by Laura Vixen (ebook)
44 Alex, the Boy Who Watched Too Much TV by Kurt Zimmerman (ebook)
45 4th of July! By Becky Wolff (ebook)
46 BullSnakes by Becky Wolff (ebook)
47 Dogs! By Becky Wolff (ebook)
48 Baboons! By Becky Wolff (Ebook)
49 Love, Lies and Liquor by M C Beaton(Agatha Raisin #17 ) (audio)
50 The Erotic Nurse and Father John by Hannah Butler (ebook)
51 Milk Maid by Sasha Blake (Ebook)
52 Camels! By Becky Wolff (ebook)
53 A Spoonful of Poison (Agatha Raisin, #19) by M C Beaton (Audio)
54 Rhinoceros! By Becky Wolff (ebook)
55 Poppi and the Rainbow by Olga Kilicci (ebook)
56 Insects ! By Mark Farley
57 30 Words Beginning Wht the Letter A by Katie Thompson (ebook)
58 Red Panda by Deutsche Don Juan (ebook)
59 The Joy of Nothing by Suzy Lieberman (ebook)
60 Bats by Becky Wolff (ebook)Audio)
61 The Alphabet Book of Animals by Chris Q Sheridan (ebook)
62 Barracudas by Becky Wolff (ebook)
63 Bears by Becky Wolff (ebook)
64 Comeback Kings The San Francisco Giants' Incredible 2012 Championship Season by Bay Area News Group
65 The Couple's Babysitter Ass Fuck by Carry Cockburn (ebook)
66 Watching Sean: Episode 1 by Tyler Swift (Ebook)
67 Not Another Boring ABC Book by Sharon Cohen (ebook)
68 101 Players - 101 Facts: The Atlanta Braves by Mark Peters (ebook)
69 Disney in the Shadow (Kingdom Keepers #3)by Ridley Pearson (Audio)

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  1. Thank you so much for joining this challenge! I'm looking forward to your reviews.
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