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Release Event : The Thief Redeemer by Leigh Clary Abdou

Release Event

Title: The Thief Redeemer
Author: Leigh Clary Abdou
Release date: September 9th, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult

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Book Description:
Brandon Wilson is trouble.

As leader of the largest car theft ring in Atlanta, GA, life is coming at him faster than he can handle. While the criminal world views him at the top of his game, the truth is, he’s breaking apart, piece by piece. He’s not sure how much more he can take before he completely shatters.

He’s able to manage this facade until he meets Claire Peters. As a part of a kidnapping scheme gone bad, she’s literally delivered right to his warehouse door. As his love for her grows, Brandon finds himself caught in an impossible dilemma. With his lifestyle, he knows he can’t keep Claire, and yet, he can’t risk letting her go, either. His men think he should make her disappear forever, but she’s his angel who still believes in second chances.

Can someone be so lost they’re beyond saving? And if salvation is possible, how does Claire show him the way?

Can a thief be redeemed?


The two hours left of orientation pass quickly due to my fantasizing about Claire Peters and before I know it, she’s announced it’s time for lunch. I stand and wait for all the other interns to exit the room. I have no desire to make friends with any of those twits. I focus on the one girl I really want to know.

She might be the one to help me find the files, I remind myself. Anyway, I might as well have some fun while I’m here.

She’s sitting at the front of the room sorting papers when I stop at her desk. I wait for her to look up and when she does, I offer my signature smile.

“So, tell me what I missed, Miss Claire,” I say, grabbing a seat and sitting across from her.

“We were discussing some of the cases you’ll be representing this summer and some of the extra-curricular activities that are expected of you outside the office.”

I smile. “Sounds lovely.” And it does sound lovely since I won’t be here longer than seven days. I think I’m having some sort of an effect on this woman, although she’s a tough one to crack. She notices my flirting and she hasn’t totally brushed me off, but she’s reserved. She’s going to be a challenge, but that’s okay. I never back down from a challenge.

I have roughly a week to get this girl into my bed, and I’m prepared to pull out all the stops to get her there. In fact, I’m going to up the ante and say I can have her there in five.

Oh yeah, and I need to worry about those files. I scold myself for getting off task so easily. Claire Peters is way too distracting.

“What time is this orientation over today?”

“Your schedule will be located in your packet, Thomas, but most days we end at five pm.”

Five pm! Hell, my whole day has just been shot. I lay my head back on the chair in exasperation, which results in Claire giving me a small giggle. I raise my head and decide to up my game.

Before I can even begin, she beats me to the punch. “How come you don’t look familiar? I interviewed all the interns, but I don’t remember you.”

Oh shit. What do I say? My brain goes a million miles an hour, but I don’t panic. I’m used to the lies and deceit. “I remember you.”

A small blush creeps across her cheeks, and that’s when I know I have her. This will be easier than I thought. I lean in and put my arm on her desk. It’s a risk because this chick scares easily. I can’t get too cocky.

“So, Claire, I hear you’re the best intern teacher they’ve ever had at this office.”

At that, Claire leans her head back and laughs. I love the sound of her laughter and for a minute, I forget why I’m here and what I’m doing. I want to live forever with her in this moment. She really might be an angel and for a second, my guard slips away. Maybe she’s too good for me. Maybe I won’t get this girl into my bed after all, because maybe she’s above that.

The moment quickly ends and the mask settles back on my face.

Claire stops laughing. “Well, whoever told you that only said it because I’m the only intern teacher.”

“The only one?”

“That’s right. We just started this program about three years ago, and I’ve been the teacher since the start. Mr. Birch put me in charge, and I’ve never looked back.”

I admire her strength and drive. This girl is going to be something one day. She’ll amount to a hell of a lot more than I have. My cocky façade slips again and the words slip involuntarily from my mouth. “Claire, you’re going to go far in life.”

She looks at me, and gratitude flows through her eyes. “Thanks, Thomas. That means a lot.”

I shake my head and stand. I’ve got to get out of here. I can talk to her after class about the files, but right now this girl is stripping me bare. I’m even considering telling her my real name because I hate her calling me Thomas.

I need to remove myself and get some fresh air.

“I’m off to lunch,” I announce while I shove my hands in my pockets. “You want anything?”

“No, I’m good. I brought something from home.”

I nod and start to walk out. When I reach the door she calls my name.


I turn and notice the blue of her eyes. I give her my complete attention.

“Be back here by one. I don’t want you to be late this time.”

My lips curve to a smile as I open the door. “Yes, drill sergeant,” I joke as she gives me condescending smile.

“I’m not Lieutenant Dan, Thomas.” She’s teasing me and I see laughter play across her eyes. At least she has a sense of humor. And really, who doesn’t love Forrest Gump?

About the Author
Leigh Clary Abdou is a graduate from the University of Georgia and wrote her first book in the third grade. That story, along with a collection of poems and other books, can still be found in their original location - a purple Trapper Keeper.

When Leigh isn’t writing, she’s reading or watching reruns of Friends and Sex and the City.
She considers being a wife and mother her life’s greatest accomplishments.
The Thief Redeemer is her debut novel.

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