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The Erotic Literature Reading Challenge

The Erotic Literature Reading Challenge

January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013

Here are the details…
• The challenge will run from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013
• You can choose you level of commitment

First Base - 1-3 books
Second Base - 4-7 books
Third Base - 8-11 books
Let’s go all the way,baby! -12 and more

(Ok, maybe those level names are kind of lame but it’s late at night. If you have other suggestions,I’m all ears)
• You can read short stories,novels,memoirs, or even audiobooks. Just as long as they all are considered erotica.
• You don’t have to pre-select what you’re going to read or submit any list prior to joining in. Just jump in and read what you want throughout the year
• When you’ve finished a book you can:
Write a review on your own blog and enter the link in Mr Linky below OR
Give a mini-review in the comment section here if you don’t have a blog

Depending on how things go throughout the year (for me…not you all), I’d like to have a drawing periodically for an appropriately themed prize (sex toys, maybe?) . If that happens, it would be done in a drawing based on how many entries you have in the Mr Linky section or per review in the comments…so make sure you update with your reviews ! Even if we don’t have a drawing, it’s still nice to read other’s reviews to get more ideas of books you can add to your To Read List, right?
I’ll make a button you can put on your own blog one of these days very soon, so check back to grab that.

Looking for some suggestions of what to read? Here’s some : Best Erotica for the Well-Read Woman (with more to be added. I also will probably add some as the challenge goes on based on positive reviews)
Ok. Now go find some hot books to read.

For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.

1 Playing Dirty With His Mother In Law by Laura Vixen
2 From Love to Lust by Laya Lu
3 Real Life Straight Guys Having Gay Sex by
4 Revenge Sex with My Husband's Girlfriend: I Discovered I'm a Lesbian by Kander Bumpo (ebook)
5 Daddy Gave Me Three Orgasms In A Row by Christian Turner (ebook)
6 Allison's Awakening by Cindy Jameson (ebook)
7 Dad and Mom Hottest Pseudo Incest Series by (ebook)
8 Dad and Daughter Get Intimate with Each Other by Bettina Long (ebook)
9 Dad I Will Comfort You Tonight by Christian Turner (ebook)
10 Having Fun With My Stephdaughter by Christian Turner (ebook)
11 Seducing My Mom's Best Friend by Victoria Dubois (ebook)
12 Milked Sex Stories: The Lactating MILF by Tina Jones (ebook)
13 Milked Sex Stories - Cop of Milk? By Karen Kink (ebook)
14 Mike's Aunt Gives him a Hand by Nycole Folk (ebook)
15 Please Mom Suck it Good by Krissy Saks (ebook)
16 The Erotic Nurse and Father John by Hannah Butler (ebook)
17 A Threesome with the Neighbor's Teenage Son by Laura Vixen (ebook)
18 Milk Maid by Sasha Blake (Ebook)
19 The Couple's Babysitter Ass Fuck by Carry Cockburn (ebook)
20 Watching Sean: Episode 1 by Tyler Swift (Ebook)

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  1. oh wow, I'm going all the way with this one. I only need a couple months to get all 12 books coz most erotica is short (20-80 pages) :)
    I just hope I can keep updating...


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