Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Review: Freedom From Eczema… Dr. Robert B. Campbell (ebook)

Title: Freedom From Eczema… Dr. Robert B. Campbell (ebook)
Author: Dr. Robert B Campbell
Publisher: Kingdom Publishers; 3rd Edition edition-----
Release Date: April 8, 2014
Pages: 114 pages
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help
Format: ebook
Source: Amazon

From the Author
This book is dedicated to all those who have been afflicted with Eczema. May you find freedom as you read about the process that has brought others their freedom.

From the Inside Flap
I want to share with you what I would say to you if I were speaking to you face to face about eczema. These insights and principles have helped bring healing to many people over the years through one on one ministry or in our healing schools. I pray these insights will bring healing and release from Eczema. These principles are not intended to be head knowledge applied only once, but to be revelation, walked out all through life. If you just try this, it will have limited impact, but if you get the full revelation, you will walk in a changed mindset until you see the full manifestation of your healing!

Mine: Well I was hoping that this was going to give me some clues about Eczema, since I just finished going to the Dermotologist and was told the dry skin on my hands was eczema.

I wasn’t expecting bible verses and scripture. How it relates is beyond me. I’m all for affirmations and things, but I don’t think they help in getting rid of eczema. What a huge let down, besides no where in the description does it talk about the scripture verses.

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